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Foley's $ Link to NC Representatives - Hayes, Burr, Dole

From MyDD:

Follow the money. Rep. Foley contributed to the following NC campaigns:

2004 cycle: Richard Burr
2002 cycle: Liddy Dole

2002 cycle: Robin Hayes $1,500

2000 cycle: Robin Hayes $2,000

Still looking for the Burr and Dole details.

It is time these representatives of the Great State of North Carolina come clean with this dirty pedophile's money and give it to charity. Let them know it.

Larry Kissell Makes the MyDD Front Page

Matt Stoller:
"A candidate like Larry Kissell who plays perfectly the progressive base and has a huge activist army could not find more ideal circumstances for beating a largey disliked incumbent like Hayes.

I know it may not look like it, but this district's in play."

The DCCC needs to get it's butt in gear.

51% of 2006 NC Legislature Races Already Decided

Results are in for 86 - or 50.6% - of the 2006 races for the NC General Assembly. This includes 64 (53% of the total) in the House and 22 (44% of the total) in the Senate. Only 56 House and 28 Senate seats remain to be decided in November.

The winners include 33 Democrats and 31 Republicans in the House, as well as 12 Democrats and 10 Republicans in the Senate. Why are the results in already? Because all these candidates are unopposed in the November election.

The winners include:

House Dems
W. C. (Bill) Owens, Jr.
Edward (Ed) Jones
Edith D. Warren

Stop I-3 Coalition

The campaign to stop I-3 through Western North Carolina is underway. And guess who is on the House Committee on Transportation - our very own Robin Hayes, NC-08. This is just another reason we need to re-take the Congress this year.

In 2005, Congressman Charlie Norwood re-introduced plans for an interstate (originally proposed by Max Burns) that would go through Savannah, GA to Knoxville, TN, by way of Augusta. This proposed bill is known as Interstate Three, and is said to link a nuclear weapons complex in Oak Ridge, TN, to the site of the Savannah River nuclear facility.

Primary Runoff Results

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Durham attorney Larry Hall (D) won the runoff race Tuesday for the 29th House District, while Pat Hurley (R) won in the 70th District.

With all 21 precincts reporting in unofficial results, Hall had 56 percent of the vote compared to 44 percent for former Durham city council member Sandy Ogburn. Hall likely will replace outgoing Democratic Rep. Paul Miller, who declined to run for another term. He won't have a Republican opponent in the general election, but could face a write-in challenge. Hurley will take on Democrat Happy Spivey of Ramseur in November in the heavily GOP district. Nine-term incumbent Rep. Arlie Culp, R-Randolph, is retiring.


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