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HR-4, Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act

Here are the votes on HR-4, Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act.

The total votes were 255 votes "Yea," and 170 votes "No," which is 35 votes short of what it will take to override Bush's promised veto. Only Walter Jones crossed party lines on this one.

District 01 Butterfield, G K (D) - Yea
District 02 Etheridge, Bob (D) - Yea
District 03 Jones, Walter B Jr (R) - Yea
District 04 Price, David (D) - Yea
District 05 Foxx, Virginia (R) - No
District 06 Coble, Howard (R) - No
District 07 McIntyre, Mike (D) - Yea
District 08 Hayes, Robin (R) - No
District 09 Myrick, Sue (R) - No
District 10 McHenry, Patrick (R) - No
District 11 Shuler, Heath (D) - Yea
District 12 Watt, Melvin L (D) - Yea
District 13 Miller, Brad (D) - Yea

Once again, we see the Party of Greed following their marching orders from big pharma. If it's OK for the VA to negotiate lower drug prices, how can it not be OK for Medicare, too?

New Polls: Kissell by 4, Shuler by 9

New Majority Watch polls (MoE 3.09%)have been released for Oct 24-26th showing:

Larry Kissell leads Robin Hayes 48-44 in NC-04, with 8% undecided.

Hayes' support is unchanged since the Oct 8-10 poll, while Kissell has has lost 3% to the 'Undecided' column.

Heath Shuler leads Chuck Taylor 53-44 in NC-11, with 3% undecided.

Taylor's support is also unchanged since the Oct 8-10 poll, while Shuler has picked up 1% from the 'Undecided' group.

Is 44% the ceiling for Hayes and Taylor? 2 weeks of ads, and they have no more support. It makes you wonder what a poll of NC-5 would look like...

Dole on Face the Nation

Go here for video of Dole and Schumer

If you have 14 minutes (and are sitting down), go check out the video of Elizabeth Dole vs Chuck Shumer on Face the Nation this morning.

Dole says that if Democrats retake the Senate, it will be bad for the nations's security because we do not support the Patriot Act, missle defense, or warrantless wiretaps. I hope that is her 2008 platform - ought to play well here...

Hey Liddy - you don't need a warrant to find out what I think of you - you can read it right here on Blue NC, you brainless twit.

edit - not sure why link doesn't work. Video is on in the Face the Nation section.

NC-8 - Conflicting Polls


Pollster/Source: Public Opinion Strategies (R)
N Pop: 400 LV
MoE 4.9
Dates 10/16-17/06
Larry Kissell (D) 33
Robin Hayes (R)* 49

Pollster/Source: RT Strategies/
Constituent Dynamics
N Pop: 1029 LV
MOE: 3.08
Dates: 10/8-10/06
Larry Kissell (D): 51
Robin Hayes (R): 44

Obviously, one of these is wrong. Was Robin's poll a push poll? Does the 4.9 margin of error make you look twice? I don't trust Hayes as far as I could throw him, so this poll looks mighty suspicious. Just the same, watch and see how much free press Hayes gets from it.

A Dark Day for North Carolina

It would be a dark day for North Carolina if the GOP ever won control of the NC General Assembly. Want a preview of their intentions if it did happen? Read on, but brace yourself, it isn't pretty. Or surprising, since it is the usual GOP agenda based on GREED and FEAR.

In the Herald-Sun:

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Likely to be outspent in the November elections and hurt by negative opinions of their colleagues on Capitol Hill, state Senate Republicans on Tuesday unveiled their plans for what they will do if they win control of their chamber for the first time in a century.

3rd Qtr Fundraising Totals

Totals per Congressional Quarterly.

Notes: Being an incumbent usually gives you a huge $ advantage. We have 3 challengers doing quite well. Brad Miller and Mel Watt both have challengers who have raised a considerable amount of money.

2 & 7-Etheridge and McIntire are sitting on a lot of cash. Except compared to Taylor and Hayes, who each have more than $1 million on hand. Look for the airwaves to get real ugly very soon.

5-Foxx outspent Sharpe 4 to 1.

8-Hayes outspent Kissell 2 to 1.

11-Taylor outspent Shuler 4 to 1.

13-Robinson outspent Miller 2 to 1, but Miller has more cash on hand.

NC Court of Appeals Judge Gets DWI

N.C. Court Of Appeals Judge Charged With DWI, Speeding

POSTED: 8:55 am EDT October 10, 2006
UPDATED: 8:55 am EDT October 10, 2006

RALEIGH, N.C. -- State Court of Appeals Judge Doug McCullough said Monday he expected to be treated like any other citizen on his charges of DWI and speeding.

The judge was charged by the Highway Patrol early Saturday on U.S. 70 near Atlantic Beach with driving 47 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. He also registered 0.12 percent on a breath alcohol test. The legal limit is 0.08 percent.


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