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Oops! NC Policy Watch got it wrong this time

This probably won't win me any friends here, but truth is truth, and my intention is sincere constructive criticism.

There's a short piece posted this afternoon at NC Policy Watch that disappoints me. You see, I expect accuracy from those claiming to report on such important matters as my state legislature, etc., but on this one they seem to have dropped the ball in a pretty big way. Here's what was reported.

Another way for banks to get your money

Just when you thought you have seen it all with the big banks, they come up with even more obnoxious ways to make money, in this case with the full cooperation of the State of South Carolina.

The Charlotte Observer reports that taxpayers in South Carolina who are due a refund on their state taxes and don’t specifically request a check from the state will receive a Bank of America debit card instead.

Regulations create more jobs than they kill

Next time some government hating Republican or Libertarian starts whining about how regulation kills jobs, tell'em to get their head out of their ass and face reality. The reality is that most regulations create more jobs than they kill. It's part of that thing we call progress.

The new EPA pollution regulations on power plants, announced by the Obama administration last year, are a perfect example.

The rules, which among other things will require coal-fired plants to make deep reductions in mercury and sulphur dioxide emissions by 2015, will cost utilities at least $12 billion, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates. Coal producers put the price tag at $21 billion. They say electricity prices will spike 12 percent, dozens of plants will close, and thousands of workers will lose their jobs.

North Carolina has its very own Hazzard County

To anyone paying attention to the local news of the south-central Piedmont over the last couple of months, it's beginning to look more and more like another remake of The Dukes of Hazzard is being put together down in the Montgomery County town of Candor, and the roles of Boss Hogg, Sheriff Coltrane, and Deputy Enos Strate seem to have already been cast.

Why North Carolina must demand an end to hemp prohibition

Cannabis sativa; two words that never fail to draw strong opinions from those who know their meaning.

For the benefit of the three people left in the world who do not know, Cannabis sativa is hemp, also known as marijuana. Some people prefer to make a distinction between the two crops, noting that industrial hemp contains a very low level of THC, the intoxicating agent found in varieties more commonly used for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Greenpeace takes Duke Energy to task over rate hikes

From the Charlotte Observer

Six Greenpeace protesters were arrested after unfurling a sign in front of the Duke Energy building Wednesday morning, protesting the company’s recently-approved rate hikes.

Perhaps if Duke Energy spent a little less money trying to buy it's way into the Governor's Mansion, they wouldn't need to raise rates on their captive customer base across North Carolina to fund improvements required to meet more stringent environmental laws.

Last month, the N.C. Utilities Commission approved an overall 7 percent rate increase for Duke Energy’s 1.8 million customers in the state. Monthly bills for typical residential customers will go up about $7.

Heaven forbid they should tighten the belt a little bit.


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