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Fair Wage Campaign

A number of North Carolina groups are starting a fair wage campaign today. Facing South has a post on these events here:

This week, a coalition of groups including ACORN, the NC Justice Center, and Institute for Southern Studies are launching a new coalition: North Carolinians for Fair Wages. The coalition's immediate goal is to pass an 85 cent increase in the state minimum wage in 2006, which has a very good chance of passing.

Among the events:


Registration Deadline

April 7th is the last day to register to vote in order to be eligible to vote in the primaries. I have attached the North Carolina voter registration form. Please register and ask your coworkers and friends to register; people are much more likely to vote if they are asked to by someone they know.

Partial Victory on Land Sale: More Action to Win Forever

For background on the sale go to Lance's original post

It looks like the backbone of our local Democratic officials and online activities have postponed the propsed forest sale:

Agriculture Under Secretary Mark Rey recently announced that the public will have another month to comment on a list of forest lands that would be available for sale in a proposal to provide funding to extend the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 (SRS).

Lottery Spending: The General Assembly is the Catch

Closing in on the first week of lottery sales, I figured I would add a little reminder on the fact that lottery sales do not really help education. From WFMY:

But critics are already howling about Easley's plan to use some funds for existing education programs instead of new ones.

Not only that. The funds may not even always going to go to education:

Some other lottery states have passed laws to protect the money. But in North Carolina, the Legislature can decide, with a simple majority vote, to spend the money on something other than schools.

Busy Weekend, Great Posts

I was busy enjoying the sun all weekend and was disconnected except for some peaking in on the local news and checking of my google alerts in my e-mail. But when I got to check BlueNC this morning, I felt instantly caught up. Great work over the weekend, and I enjoy the voices we are getting. Lets keep it up.

Charles Taylor's Wikipedia Distortions

Apparently congressional staffers have been in the habit of changing Wikipedia entries to favor their bosses. Looking at Republican Congressmen Charles Taylor's page, it is clear that his staffers have done some prettying up of the man. For instance,

During his eight terms as the representative of North Carolina's 11th district, Taylor has worked to reverse a trend of job losses to the area. Taylor has concentrated on working towards a highly educated workforce and a thriving technology sector in the district.

North Carolina 25th in Taxes Charged

With conservatives always clamoring over being overtaxed by the state, including three of the Civitas Foundation's seven goals for this year being elimination of one tax or another, it is always important to take a deep breath of reality. As the Triangle Business Journal reports today, North Carolina is 25th in the nation in how much tax they charge residents:

North Carolinians paid $2,146.68 per capita in state taxes last year, enough to earn the state a 25th ranking among all 50 states. The state ranked 25th in 2004 as well.


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