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First Romanian Killed in Iraq

The first Romanian to die in combat in Iraq was killed in an attack last night:

The Romanian Defense Ministry identified the soldier as corporal Bogdan Hancu, a 28-year-old military policeman from the eastern city of Iasi. He is Romania's first combat casualty in Iraq.

The country has 860 troops in Iraq as part of the multinational force.

Romania has its own history of enduring a brutal dictator, but this poverty stricken nation's decision to enter this war was also affected by the millions in aid that they received from America:

Wake County Commissioner Candidate Goes Off the Deep End

Local politics is so much fun. None of the scripted plays of the national level. Take this gem dug up by WakePol for example...

Republican County Commission candidate, Micheal Luther, has asked to debate the School Board. Luther apparently does not feel like debating his primary opponent and incumbent, Tony Gurley, since they are "friends". The School Board was needless to say shocked:

[School Board Member Carol Parker]I'm surprised at your request to debate the school board — generally when you run for office you debate your opponent. Each of us have been through campaigning and were elected by the voters.

Vernon Robinson's Ridiculous Radio Ad

Vernon Robinson, the self-proclaimed Black Jesse Helms, has launched his first insane radio ad against Brad Miller. Brad Miller provides the audio here.

It looks like Robinson is using lies about immigration and gay marriage to smear Brad Miller:

If Miller had his way, America would be one big fiesta for aliens and homosexuals

To stop these attacks, go to Brad Miller.org and give him your support.

TTA Deal Struck For Regional Rail

The TTA has just reached an agreement with Norfolk Southern that ensures that they have access to all 28 miles needed to complete the proposed Triangle Regional Rail Line:

The agreements with Norfolk Southern gives the TTA access to the corridors necessary to build the 28-mile rail transit system, which is schedule to have 12 stations connecting Durham, Research Triangle Park, Cary and Raleigh.

The End of Apple Chill

It looks like the shootings last night may have ended the Chapel Hill street festival known as Apple Chill. The cutely named festival, which was intended as a folksy art festival, will not happen again according to Mayor Foy:

"The (Town) Council's first responsibility to the citizens is public safety," Foy said in a written news release issued Monday afternoon. "We cannot continue to be confident that Apple Chill can be conducted in a way that is safe for citizens. I want to end Apple Chill. Tonight, I will ask the Council to give our staff that directive. Yesterday was the last Apple Chill."

N.C. Roads: Brought to You by Illegal Immigration

According to this report, a large chunk of the $1 billion the NCDOT spends every year to build roads in North Carolina is paid to workers with falsified social security numbers, presumably because they are illegal.

There are so many issues with this that I have not been able to wrap my head around a coherent post. But generally, this proves the value of immigration to our society (we need roads, right), but it also shows that the immigration is artificially keeping the costs of roads down. Also, these could be high paying construction jobs, not the jobs typically thought to belong to illegals.

Statewide Protests of Brown Execution

There will be protests in nine North Carolina cities to protest the execution of Willie Brown today. Sorry that I did not get this out there sooner, but I just found the information on all of the events this morning. If you have time and are interested in voicing your opposition to the State of North Carolina killing in your name, please attend one of these:


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