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John Edwards, Catholic Apologist?

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Yesterday's strip was about how John Edwards' lack of backbone in the whole blogger fiasco brought me back to when Congress was filled with do-nothing Democrats. Feeble and weak these Democrats were and over and over they allowed the Bush Administration to roll over them and then they apologized for being in the way.

The Vatican has been involved in some pretty nasty things, but its recent positions are still horrid. This is a group that is actively seeking to block women from gaining access to birth control, sanctioning Gay bigotry and is against many of the same agenda items that Edwards claims he is for such as stem cell research, reproductive freedom and equality. So why the fuck did he let a slime ball like Bill Donahue get away with the blogger bashing? This is the same guy who wanted to deny John Kerry Communion due to his voting record on pro-choice legislation. It wasn't like Donahue is analogous to Billy Graham, but more on the side of Oral Roberts.


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