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Roger Sharpe NC-05 - Repulsed By Torture

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The Geneva Conventions were probably some of the greatest tools, by which our soldiers have side stepped war-time abuse, the US Military has ever had.

Does anyone recall our POWs from the Kosovo conflict? Our soldiers were afforded the graces of the Geneva Conventions and they were released without being tortured.

My brother is in the Army and if he is ever redeployed again, he will no longer have that blanket of protection and the huge swell of international pressure the Conventions afford our men and women in the armed forces.

Building Sharpe Buzz

Virginia Foxx, Neo-Conservative

One thing Drew and I discussed is making October "Net-tober" - an effort to build the netroots for Roger Sharpe.

The goal is to increase donations and get Kos to start posting on sharpe. Kos only does that when the netroots gets involved.

That would be us.

Here is what we need to do - anything else you can think of, PLEASE add below.

1 - Diary every day on Daily Kos with the subject of Sharpe. Whatever you want to blog about, blog away. And hit those tags! You only get one diary entry per day on Kos so put it to good use. If you are blogging for another candidate, use the days you aren't blogging for your candidate to blog for Sharpe. Please, oh please, please, please.

NC5 - Better this time around

Virginia Foxx's Halliburton Corporate ID Badge

In 2004, I bitched plenty about our sorry choice for a Democratic US Congressman for the 5th District here in North Carolina.

Here in North Carolina’s 5th US Congressional District, the Democrats lost the 2004 race because the race was between Republican Virginia Foxx and a Republican running as a Democrat, Jim Harrell.

Here was Harrell’s platform…

Against Choice.
Christian Evangelical and will vote based on those principals
Supported tort reform
Against stem cell research (he is a MD)
Member of the National Rifle Association
Did not support firearm registration

The sad thing, these were the exact same credentials (minus the NRA membership) that Foxx had going into the race.


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