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NC-05: Roger Sharpe - the real friend of the taxpayer.

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abandoned gas station
One of the many closed businesses in North Carolina's 5th District

Recently, the nonpartisan Citizens for Tax Justice awarded North Carolina Democrats in Congress high marks for defending tax fairness and fiscal responsibility. The yearly report card grades members of Congress on their votes on several bills based on whether they voted to make our tax system fairer for hard-working North Carolinians. Unlike North Carolina Democrats, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx received a pathetic 0% score for an overall "F" and was designated an "Enemy of the Taxpayers."

NC-05: Good Week For Sharpe

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My problem is not restless legs!
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Been a good week for Sharpe and a bad week for Foxx.

Sharpe got the endorsement of the Winston-Salem Journal. Foxx got called out by Josh Marshall for being a cheapskate. Voters come out of the woodwork for Sharpe.

And don't forget the Sharpe rally tomorrow in Winston-Salem! (hit the flip for details.)

NC-05: Roger Sharpe - the 1% Candidate

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FireDogLake called the Sharpe campaign the "longest shot" of all the Congressional races for 2006 and yet, Sharpe has done well. So well, what was considered a lost cause district, is now a district that is now in play. Letters to the Editor of the Winston-Salem Journal, a red-leaning newspaper, runs about 10 to 1 positive for Roger Sharpe. The letters that appear from Foxx supporters all have that boilerplate blandness of a contrived press release - I should know, I run an ad agency.


NC-05 Is Now In Play

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NC-05 Is Now In Play
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The 5th District of North Carolina leans red... with gerrymandering, it is close to ruby red. That conservative philosophy is carried through to the region's largest newspaper, the Winston-Salem Journal. In the past, the Journal has tended to lean conservative in it's past endorsements of candidates. Even though they passed on endorsing Bush in the 2004 election, they also passed on endorsing Kerry.

NC-05: My third-eye is not a bulls-eye.

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Where do I start?

My choice of topics concerning the Foxx/Sharpe contest is getting somewhat crowded. There is the "The Fifth Fleet just sailed to Iran and N. Korea is the one testing nukes" meme. Or how about Foxx supports a poll tax? Very 60's Alabama of her. Then there is the support of Dennis Hastert and his cover-up of the Foley Pedophile Scandal.

Yeah... let's do that one today.

Roger Sharpe & The Environment - A Personal Story

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Roger Sharpe - Democrat For Congress

Guess what? I am packing a "few" extra pounds. I watch what I eat (well, my wife and I both do... it is a two person job!) and I exercise as I can. My day job of an advertising exec does not allow for a lot of "me" time so I got out of the house.

What I started last year was taking a long, up-hill both ways, weekly hike. I used to hike and explore the North Carolina woods constantly. Every weekend, I was off to some other mountain, waterfall or cave to see what was there. My favorite place to hike is North Carolina's Stone Mountain State Park near Traphill (not the one near Atlanta). (photos) Now I have gone back to that and have learned that I have missed it terribly.

Stone Mountain
Leaf made of ice on rhododendron at Stone Mountain State Park


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