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Lady Who?

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With all the rights we have lost under this President I wonder if we will remember all the rights we have lost?

Somehow the idea of liberty has become retro.

From 4-15-06: Bush’s popularity flirts with 30 Percent

Today's Dobson strip covers the same topic as did a diary posted here yesterday. So instead of reposting news that has been covered, here is something form the Dobson Archives! (Click here to view TODAY's strip.)

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You can only lie so much before everyone knows it. With Bush’s poll numbers approaching 30%, even his Fundamentalist base is erroding.

And don't forget to recommend this very important BlueNC diary, NC-05: Roger Sharpe and $20 Tuesday.

NC-05: Roger Sharpe and $20 Tuesday

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Roger Sharpe Campaign Sign

Last week, we asked for $10. $10 a piece is what we needed to plant campaign signs all over Wilkes County and fuel out GOTV movement.

Now we are in crunch time. Our campaign's message is more crucial now and our ability to get that message of justice, ethics and common sense is vital to winning in the 5th District. Here's why.

NC-05: Photographic Proof Virginia Foxx (R) is For Sale!

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Republicans For Sale

Taken this past weekend in Wilkes County, North Carolina, this photo sums up the Republican Party. I'll agree the for sale sign in the window is probably for the building itself, but the fact that the GOPers of Wilkes County never gave it a second glance is evidence that they just don't get it.

Birth of a Stupid Nation

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Being in North Carolina, you still overhear snippets from White, Redneck Southerners still bitching about Blacks having the right to vote. It is similar to David Blust, GOP candidate for NC State Senate, ranting (youTube) against Appalachian State University students voting locally. Here is a hint David, the Supreme Court ruled it was OK. Unless you are thinking of the Confederate Supreme Court? Maybe? Hmmm?

Hat tip goes to jwrandolph.

I voted for Roger Sharpe!

Early voting started in North Carolina this past week and my wife and I wanted to take advantage of it. I am glad we did.

From what I understand from the BOE workers, local BOE databases were swapped over to a single state-wide database in Raleigh this past spring. That kind of database merger sweeps in all the problems you can possibly imagine. I was listed as inactive, even though they have me voting every two years since, like, forever. And my wife's data was also wonky - they still had her maiden name, we have been married for 13 years. The main problem stemmed, I think, from the 'geoloc' database. Our residence is on Brookstone Court - least that is what the street sign says. Nothing could be changed with our registration until we figured out Raleigh thought we lived on Brookstone DRIVE. Just that basic error locked up everything.

Weekend Comic Fix: Mark Foley - A New Spin On Deep Throat

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Man, when it rains it pours. And just like salt in a wound, the GOP continues to be beat down by scandal after scandal and the smallest of their scandals are 50 times larger than anything that could have possible gone on at the Rose Law Firm or in Monica Lewinsky’s pants.

If anything, you gotta give props to the Republicans - they can do corruption like no one else in the history of the United States.


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