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What's going on with the 350 unpolled districts?

I follow this site like a crack addict -
A progressive statistician runs the site, but he is fair. He was very accurate in 2004.

Today's analysis of the polls is showing House Dems up by 48 seats with 1 tie, up one in the Senate with a tie there.

If this is what is going on with the districts that ARE being polled, what is going on in the districts where no data has been recorded? Can the national pollS showing extreme GOP discontent be a barometer for ALL districts? Can our canvassing reports of "little support for Foxx" be indicative of the district as a whole?

Is it even remotely possible that Americans finally decided to wake up?

Can that be possible? ON TOP OF GERRYMANDERING?

How Many Senators Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?

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Well, unless something big happens, we seem to be stuck with John Kerry until election day. This is Kerry’s equivalent to Howard Dean’s scream.

This will get aired over and over and over and when the mainstream media is done with that, they will start in on the apology and play it over and over and over.

And no one will be talking about this misguided war in Iraq.

UPDATE NC-05: Reporters Banned From Debate

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Meet Roger Sharpe

Today Virginia Foxx is supposed to debate Roger Sharpe. It will be taped. No reporters will be present. It will only be broadcast late Sunday night at 10:30pm. It will be broadcast form a TV station that is not even located in the district and has only 10% signal coverage of the district in question.

This is the face of the Virginia Foxx democracy - unanswerable to the public.

Today, the Winston-Salem Journal is reporting on the details which are more akin to Soviet era propaganda than American democracy.

John Kerry was NOT at Appomattox!

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Will somebody tell John Kerry to shut the hell up? Please leave the comedy to Robin Williams or Jon Stewart (my personal monkey).

Kerry’s remark “getting stuck in Iraq” was, I believe, a badly set-up joke directed at Bush, but that is water under the bridge. Now we need to push on, get over it and go back to the real message - staying off the road to Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and Appomattox bypassing Bennett Place altogether.

Side Note: Kerry’s speech was, however, fertile ground for jokes. Here is today’s REJECTED strip. Not sure which is better - I am not really in love with either of them. But somehow, this too is Clinton's fault - I am sure of it!

NC-05: Foxx Bans Reporters From Debate

I bumped this because it seems like just the kind of negative press Virginia Foxx deserves ONE week before the election. Write an LTE if you live in the area. Get this on the front pages. "What is Virginia Foxx hiding?" - RP
Meet Roger Sharpe

In a move that can only be classified as classic ass-hattery, Virginia Foxx is REFUSING to debate Democratic opponent Roger Sharpe unless reporters are BANNED from the taping.

Dick Cheney Says, "Surf's Up Bitches!"

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Waterboarding seems to be all the rage these days in the Bush White House, in an interview by Scott Hennen, Dick Cheney said, “Well, it’s a no-brainer for me, but for a while there I was criticized as being the vice president for torture.”

Wikipedia defines waterboarding as a type of torture used in coercive interrogations or for punishment. The modern form of the practice constitutes a mock execution which simulates drowning, which produces a severe gag reflex, making the subject believe his or her death is imminent while ideally not causing permanent physical damage.

Cheney continued, “We don’t torture. That’s not what we’re involved in.”

NC-05: Voices of the District

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Meet Roger Sharpe

Roger Sharpe has once again proven the power of the netroots, or maybe just showing the people what an actual ethical person looks like is the real trick. Either way, the people of the 5th District has been vocal about Roger Sharpe and their hopes for a return to old-fashioned America. You know, the one we had in 1999 - the good ol' days of free speech and a land where torture at the hands of the American Government was an idea so outlandish it would have been laughed at.

Liberty, how retro.

Here is a collection of opinions of the citizens of the 5th District from the red-leaning Winston-Salem Journal.

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