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November the 7th was a great day, but let’s not forget this was just a first step. You must fight for democracy every single day.

For example, would it be such a bad thing to put a Gore 08 bumper sticker on the back of your car? Today?

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The House. The Senate. The majority of state legislatures. The majority of governorships. Stem cells - yes! South Dakota Abortion Ban - no! Arizona Gay Marriage Ban - no!

Humble pie, lame duck salad with Rummy dressing with a side of rice-a-roni!

Someone has a hangover.

They escaped from their pens again!

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While canvassing for Roger Sharpe I met a lot of either simple-minded people or people in abject denial. All of them - every last single one that is voting for Virginia Foxx is doing so because she visited their church. That is it. When I start talking about her voting record they start jabber-jawing about “the liberal media” and other Limbaugh talking points.

This is not meant to be a slam against Christianity, but the big question - does being a fundamentalist Christian make you more gullible?

It is just not Virginia Foxx that has pulled this off, I offer Exhibit A - George W. Bush.

I’ve lost track. What is the GOP Scandal for Today?

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Damn. Ted Haggard uses gay prostitutes. Who the Hell knew? Obviously the hooker and the pimp did! And what was that other gay prostitute? Oh yeah, Jeff Gannon/Guckert - the hooker that Rove gave White House access to.

I am telling ya, any day now we will catch Howard Coble, live on CSPAN, in the Well of the House, blowing a horse.


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