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The Spicy Fish Prophecy! (political cartoon)

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You asked for it so you got it - more Paxil-starved penguins!

I am doing a new series here on TCD - I have done this from time to time, my first was a storyline surrounding the start of the NC lottery, then UFO Cults and now… well, the Spicy Fish Prophecy!

Stick around, you’ll see, I don’t want to give away the story!

Most Frightful Thing I have Read Today

I finally got the chance to read up on the Sunni's that were burned alive on Friday. The right wing blogs are all upset over an alleged CENTCOM letter claiming the attack never happened. I can't find any such statement from CENTCOM on the web whatsoever. I looked all through their news archive.

So there is this huge anti-MSM outrage from the right over this blog post (from Powerline, known for stellar accuracy and non-partisanship) and the alleged CENTCOM letter. And CENTCOM is just a mouthpiece for Bush, consider this recent news story on their site, Iraqi tipping point – toward unity, security, prosperity. Yes, Iraq is WORKING!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have heard it all before.


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