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Greensboro County Commissioner Alston gets blamed for doing his job.

There is a little nugget of a story that has been haunting the front page of the Greensboro News and Record for the past week that has been bugging me.

With the revelations of American Express this past week, announcing the loss of yet more jobs from the state, you would think NC local governments would be more ambitious in their efforts to keep jobs in NC.

Need help filling out my absentee ballot

I am stumped over who to vote for the position of Soil and Water District Supervisor (Forsyth ballot).

My choices are...

  • Steven W. Anderson
  • Lee Childress
  • Gilbert Monk
  • Wendell Schollander (Known Republican)

So I narrowed my choice to one of the top three but I can't find a damn thing out about any of them.

I will be mailing my ballot off by 1pm so any and all help would be appreciated.


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