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It's in the news today...

Senator Jon Kyl, three days after pledging "no more earmarks, inserted a $200 Million clause benefitting his home state of Arizona into another piece of legislation. Well, duh, call the newspapers...a republican lied. It's a first I tell ya! More below...

What Congress isn't talking about...Capital Gains, for example.

Kudo's to Senator Bernie Sanders for talking about Billionaires wanting even more wealth and

being willing to dismantle the existing political and social order to get it.

Read it here
Sanders talks about the impact of extending the Bush tax cuts for the "wealthy" and states that Billionaires and their supporters in Congress have no desire to share the supposed social and financial benefits of our democratic republic. He says they want to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and all traces of social legislation designed to protect those disadvantaged by age, disability and other misfortunes not of one's own making. I believe him.

What I want to know is why Sanders, and others who supposedly seek greater financial and social equity, are not talking about some other things:

Wilmington Star-News interview with Representative Mike McIntyre

In a telephone interview yesterday McIntyre answered questions about his victory over Ilario Pantano and his plans for the remainder of the year in Washington and his political aspirations.

When asked about supporting Nancy Pelosi he said:

It's time to turn the page and go into a different direction with fresh ideas, new leadership and one who unites. We need a leader who is a uniter. Clearly, Ms. Pelosi is not that person.

I wonder if he thinks Heath Shuler is that person? More below the fold....

Bend're in for a "Quantitative Easing"

I see on the news today where Bernanke has printed up $900 Billion (that's $900,000,000,000.00 or about 20 million pounds of $100 bills) to "quantitatively ease" our economy. That means he's going to buy debt and securities from financial institutions in the hope that they'll have more liquidity and start to spend money that will create jobs....or something like that.

Another way to look at the poverty figures....

This morning's headlines in the Wilmington Star-News trumpeted a US Census report that over 43 million US citizens (and goodness knows how many non-citizens) are living at or below the federally defined poverty level.

Think of it this way: This is equivalent to everyone in these 23 states plus the District of Columbia living in poverty.

American Working in Mexico

I'm not sure if the following email is true or a hoax. I checked Snopes and could find nothing. If it's true, it's informative, an indicator of why so many want to come here to not only work but to escape, and an indictment of the government of Mexico. I believe our politicians are also corrupt, but this is stunning. The email follows:


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