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Democracy in action: New Hanover County

Last Sunday afternoon the New Hanover County League of Women Voters sponsored an opportunity for residents to meet and speak with their elected representatives. The New Hanover Government Center is situated in what used to be an indoor shopping mall and tables were set up in the open area for each representative. Representatives from Pender and Brunswick County attended, as did Johnathan Barfield, Chairman of the New Hanover County Commissioners. I'd estimate there were 300+ people attending.

After very brief opening remarks by Barfield and our Congressman Mike McIntyre, people lined up to speak with whomever they wished to speak.

The following are my impressions and observations:

Something you ought to see

The following chart was published in the NYT and titled "American Shame."
American Shame

When people like our visitor Randy, and others like him, rave about saving our Republic from us darned libruls, I wonder what he thinks he's saving? Perhaps he's trying to save what he's pretending America is rather than what it has become...thanks to the GOP, Blue Dogs, and George Bush.

Let's make the deficit as personal for Congress and the Feds as it is for us...

Tea-baggers, Republicans, and Blue-Dog Democrats in Congress use their convoluted “values” and the deficit as excuses to slash and burn social safety net programs ... witness Planned Parenthood. Social Security and Medicare appear to be next on the chopping bloc, never mind that “we the people” have actually paid for these “entitlements.” So, I suggest we actually test their resolve and commitment to reducing the deficit by demanding they implement a “Deficit Reduction Tax.” It goes something like this:

NCDOT Chief Traffic Engineer needs tinfoil hat

According to an article in today's N&O, a homeowners association petitioned for some traffic lights and the NCDOT's engineering consultant said the lights weren't needed. The HOA responded with a detailed report to support their argument that the lights were needed.

The NCDOT chief traffic engineer, a Mr. Lacy, thought the HOA's work was so professional that he filed a complaint with the NC Board of Examiners for Engineers accusing one of the HOA petitioners of practicing without a license...even tho' no one claimed to be an engineer.

A nation of nitwits...?

If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, please pardon my broadside.

Last week my wife was driving down the main thoroughfare of our fair city when she looked in the rear-view mirror and saw a car in the next lane approaching and weaving all over the road. My wife managed to zig as the other driver zagged and narrowly missed having a collision...and noted that the other driver was busily texting on her cell phone. Managing to get the other driver's attention with a horn blast, the other driver looked up and gave my wife the finger. There's more....

You can participate in a quiet coup...and destroy JP Morgan. Do it!

Would you, for about $30 (the current cost of buying of an ounce of silver.. ie, a Silver Dollar)) assist in the demise of one of the most rapacious wall street firms and perhaps help start a quiet revolution? If so, all you have to do is go to a silver trading site (MONEX or Northwest Territorial Mint, for example) and buy and demand delivery on a silver dollar...or any other physical ounce ingot, other silver coins, etc.

I suggest you read this: JP MORGAN getting squeezed...

And then I suggest you read this:

Global Banks fear unruly peasants

which discusses what may be happening in France today as ordinary folks create a run on the banks and ask for their money.

McIntyre's email today regarding the tax cut capitulation, er, compromise

Dear Friends,

During this time of economic challenges, it is important that Congress not adjourn until two important issues have been finalized. First, we need to extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts so that there are no tax increases on employers who provide much needed jobs and that there are tax breaks for middle and working class families who need the help and the jobs. Second, unemployment benefits for those that are out of work need to be extended. I urge the Administration and Congressional Leadership to keep working and find an agreement that will keep Southeastern North Carolina and the United States moving forward.

Mike Mcintyre

He absolutely knows the $250K and above tax increase has practically zero to do with "employers" and he also fails to mention that the rich already are getting a great tax cut on dividends/capital gains.

Smoke and mirrors.

McIntyre joins Republicans, votes against extending middle class tax break.

Once again Mike McIntyre, and 19 other Democrats, showed how much they care for their constituents and the declining middle class in America. Shuler and Kissell voted for it....amazingly enough. Those who seem to know say the bill will not make it through the Senate anyway...but at least it will now go there and force Senators to show their true colors. What say ye Senator Burr?

The role call vote is here
McIntyre has voted against almost every legislative action that would improve the lot of most of his constituents. I'm guessing the only thing we could count on him to vote for would be euthanizing old people so they wouldn't be a burden to his sacred fiscal conservatism.

Senator Bernie Sanders says it all yesterday...

Senator Sanders speech in the Senate yesterday is a stunning indictment of just how feckless our Congress is. I'm waiting for the war to spread to the streets and elected officials to be hung from street lamps. The truth is being spoken. Who's listening? Watch this video.


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