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It's the class warfare, stupid!

This timely and on-target diary over at the great Orange Satan is a must read.

The author's statement that the debate on our economic crisis ...

... has been quite successfully presented as a fight by the hard working and virtuous, to not pay for the lazy and wasteful...

is reflected here time and time again by "conservatives."

America the beautiful? Not.

This video was posted today on the Big Orange Satan and I thought it was worth trying to embed here for others to see. If my technique isn't good, I'll just post the link.

As you watch, keep in mind the apparent GOP nominee...Mittens Romney...would like to do away with all taxes on capital gains and dividends and interest. Since capital gains are already taxed at a max of only 15% as opposed to the usually 25% or more on sweat-earned income this is just another ploy to further screw the 80% of Americans who have only about 7% of the wealth while placing a kevlar lining in the pockets of the already sticking-it-to-us ultra wealthy.

USAA reports worst military family scams of 2011.

For anyone not familiar with USAA, it is an Insurance, and now Banking, establishment created years ago to cater to US Military officer's needs. It has since expanded to serve all military and their families. It is, in my opinion, one of finest companies in America. Their member's periodical recently reported that the number 1 scam against the military in 2011 was a financing company associated with a national retail chain that purchased electronics equipment at warehouse clubs and then charged soldiers quadruple the retail price thru both inflated pricing and contracts filled with extraneous charges and shocking interest rates.

USAA did not name the companies, but stated that the NY Attorney General filed charges and caused the companies to settle many debts.

Doing a little searching on the net reveals that the companies are apparently based in Fayetteville, NC, with ties to a company in NY...which is likely how the NY Attorney General was able to act.

NC GOP says Obama is a conniving, cunning socialist...quoting a GOP paragon of virtue.

I received this electronic campaign literature from my State Senator Goolsby:

Dear Friends,

I want to recommend for your reading this excellent article from the Washington Times written by Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana. Our country is facing a grave economic crisis and many attribute this to Obama's inexperience and incompetence.

Not entirely true, says Burton. He argues persuasively that Obama knows exactly what he is doing and the American people underestimate him at their peril. We had all better wake up to the threat his policies pose. North Carolina is not a safe haven from Obama-style socialist policies. What happens in Washington is seriously impacting job creation and economic growth in the Tar Heel State.

The Obama political machine now controls the NC Democratic Party. Even as I write this, Obama has political operatives working full time in New Hanover County registering voters. Governor Perdue's re-election campaign is run by an Obama strategist and she vetoed the Voter-ID bill. I agree with Rep. Burton-- we underestimate this threat to America and North Carolina at our peril.

Click here to read full Washington Times article

Who is Dan Burton? Oh, this is good! See below...

The FAA fiasco: Coble and Shuler played a role.

I suppose we can rightfully be upset with all our representatives for the heart-ache and financial damage done to many americans and the taxpayers for their failure to re-authorize the required funding. It's good to note, however, that our own Heath Shuler and Howard Coble sit on the committee mainly responsible. The next time we hear them talking about saving money and "shared sacrifice" we need to ask why they allowed the taxpayers to eat $30 Mil a day in lost tax revenues because of their personal failures to do their jobs....for which we pay them handsomely.

Chairman Mica (Republican - FL) is whining and sniveling about the "heat" he's taken over all this. My heart pumps camel urine for him.

Romeo, Romeo...wherefore art thou?

Doth thou not rememberest singing to me so sweetly during the 2008 mating season? Truth be told, I was enamored of another...his dulcet song of two Americas captured my heart. Alas, he was hoist by his own petard and fell into disrepute. So, I turned to you for succor and my heart was gladdened by thy promises. If I would but give myself unto you, thou sayeth, the wealthiest among us wouldst be taxed fairly. Thou wouldst do thy best to closeth the secret doors thru which they escape paying even as much as we who wear the rough cloth and sweat to earn our ducats. Thou sayeth of filing the fangs of yon serpents who lurk in the Streets of Wall...villains with smiling cheeks, goodly apples rotten at the heart, whose sins are not accidental but a trade. Ye spoke of healthly care and easeful access, of ending the noxious wars that plague our families and our treasury.

We're home from Italy

Nan and I just returned from a tour of Italy and I have to say we didn't want to come back. We had to, for lots of reasons, but living in Italy is awfully appealing. Italy is beautiful, the people are nice, and they live differently...better in many ways...than here. I think it's the structure of their society that's so appealing. Every city seems to have a square (piazza) surrounded by small shops and fruit and veggie stands and places to sit and talk while enjoying a coffee and some cookies or fruit and cheese...and to watch people. It's not so frantic..and the focus seems to be on friends and family, not "things." Yes, Rome is frantic and crowded and the traffic is crazy...but there are peaceful spots everywhere. And in the smaller cities...well, it's just nice. And, of course, the more money one has the more there is to enjoy...but it's different. And, we've traveled to a lot of places.

Insatiable greed

This morning's Star-News carried an article about a drug, Makena, that has been used for some time to help prevent pre-mature birth. The drug has been available, apparently through compounding pharmacies, for about $10-20 per injection ... with an at-risk mother perhaps needing as many as 30 shots.

KV pharmaceuticals recently won "government approval" to exclusively sell this drug and raised the price to $1500 per injection.

The AP story is here: Makena Read it. The KV CEO's statement is stunning. Greed personified. I just don't get it. Do you?

A cunning, unscrupulous political stunt...or the real thing?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter...but here's what happened:
Yesterday House Democrats proposed an amendment/motion to/in the Republican sponsored short term spending bill to keep the government running. The motion was to end the $Billions in annual taxpayer subsidies to "Big Oil." The motion was defeated 249 t0 176 with EVERY REPUBLICAN in the House voting against the repeal of oil subsidies.

Although every thinking citizen should be angry at the Republicans over this, I believe this entire exercise was a Democratic political stunt. Follow me below:


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