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With the heat of a thousand suns

Never before in my life have I hated, loathed, and wanted to punish an individual and a group of people as much as I do now. By any measure, thousands of Americans are being murdered...murdered...every day by Trump and his GOP sycophants. Their insatiable greed for more money, more power, and oblivion to anyone but themselves, coupled with negligence and cruelty has gotten us to where we are. I'm tired of asking...begging...for people to be treated decently and humanely and with justice and equity regardless of their color, gender, national origin, etc.

Without a single shot fired...

Our nation has sent millions of us to fight in wars because, they said, if we didn’t our nation would be overtaken by brutal authoritarian dictators, we’d lose our right to vote, our freedoms, and self-determination. We’d be enslaved, persecuted, like so many others. Tens of thousands of us died fighting Nazis, Fascists, Communists and the like. WWII, Korea, Vietnam…and now Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, the brutal truth is that without a single shot being fired, we’ve lost our democracy.

Hypocrisy from Dallas Woodhouse

Per Dallas Woodhouse: “When people try to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, you must come back with more speech and aggressively defend your rights.” And, that's exactly what happened when people converged on the State Capitol in protest of Amendment One. And what happened? The people elected to represent us had the protestors arrested, and the GOP American's For Prosperity (AFP) published their names and addresses and employers on the web in an attempt to intimidate/smear them. Where was Mr. Woodhouse and his high-minded views on freedom of speech and assembly?


I don't personally know diddly-squat about marijuana. Orange jump-suits and prison have never appealed enough to me to do any experimentation. However, I predict that as soon as NC politicians figure out what's happening in Colorado, they'll be making clucking noises about how they disapprove of marijuana ... while their eyes are secretly lighting up at the prospect of legalizing it here.

Think of the money to be made, the taxes, the patronage jobs to be awarded, new state-owned stores (like the ABC) and the wealthy friends and campaign benefactors they can award licenses to grow the stuff. In Colorado it's going for $40-60 for 1/8th of an ounce with taxes of up to 30% added. This is, like the state liquor business, legalized extortion.

Art Pope funding for climate change it!

Yesterday I read this report from a researcher at Drexel University. The biggie in all this is the "pie chart" he developed atempting to show who is funding the protestations about climate change (and of course seeking to profit from the destruction of the whole f'ing planet). The researcher says it's hard to nail this stuff down because much of the info is hidden, but this is his best shot.

You'll note the Pope Foundation has apparently given almost as the Koch's... Who would have guessed? Quick, call the newspapers....Art Pope is screwing everyone? Who Knew?

Add to that this morning's post on FB from Progress North Carolina: about the Head of NC's DENR talking about suing the EPA because they're not allowing enough pollution.

David Rouzer on the loose again

It appears Tea-Party fruitcake David Rouzer is gearing up for another run to take McIntyre's seat in Congress. He's advertising on Facebook and making gaseous proclamations about the "American Dream" and how we must "stand up" against the evils of government. In the last election he was endorsed by Renee Elmers and Patrick McHenry, and got money from Eric Cantor's PAC. McIntyre won by less thn 700 votes.

This guy is a serious threat to North Carolina and sanity in government. We have enough feeble-minded bigots in Congress, and while McIntyre isn't a bastion of populism, he at least isn't totally nuts. Below is a link to his eval on Project VoteSmart. His scores are driven by the NRA and Civitas Institute. Otherwise, he's big zero.

You might visit his FB page and give him a dose of how fed up we are with his brand of bull excrement...and whatever else you can do to make sure people know he's another Ted Cruz wanna-be.

Nation of Morons

I'm not adept at posting images so you'll just have to go here:

The net is, the highest paid public servants in the vast majority of our states are...guess and basketball coaches. With due deference to sports fans, this is certainly, to me, wrong and symbolic of much of what's wrong in America. In addition, we taxpayers are being shortchanged. We pay taxes to support our public learning institutions, and they use our money to provide scholarships to people whose most apparent significant value to our society is the ability to sent a ball thru a round hoop, etc., and who could care less about getting an education. And, their excesses (DWI or sexual perversions, for example) are ignored for the "good of the team."


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