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Don't you hate it when unwelcome guests drop in unexpectedly?

Gee, Pat, you could have called first.

Gov. Pat McCrory made an unusual visit to the legislature Thursday to "touch base" with House and Senate lawmakers as the budget stalemate drags on.

McCrory tried to duck public notice by cutting through a meeting room, but a House Rules meeting was underway in the room at the time, leading to an awkward moment for the governor and his retinue.

Caught off guard, Prevaricating Pat reverted to his natural tendency: lying.

Governors in general are not often seen at the legislature, but he denied that his visit was unusual. "I come here often just to have interaction. I cut through here on the way to the house, back and forth to the house often," he insisted.

Right, Pat. Like you visit the Moral Monday protests "all the time".

Trying his best to minimize the awkwardness, Pat moved on.

Kochs purchase Thom Tillis

The recent Patriot Majority advertisement says that Thom Tillis is like one of the family to the Koch brothers, and Thom's recent campaign finance reports bear that out.

Charles Koch, his wife, son and daughter-in-law each gave Tillis the maximum $2,600 contribution, according to his campaign finance report made public Wednesday. Tillis, the House speaker, reported the combined $10,400 in donations on June 26 and 27. Earlier this year, he reported a $5,000 donation from the Koch Industries PAC.

Of course, all that pales in comparison to the millions in dark money that the Kochs have already spent on Thom's behalf.

Spineless Pat caves on Common Core

In the latest contest to demonstrate just how much they hate President Obama, the legislative loons passed a bill to repeal the Common Core educational standards. Those would be the standards adopted by nearly every state in the union, and in which North Carolina invested $66 million.

Deputy Assistant Guvnor McCrory was one of the Republicans opposed to repealing Common Core. NC's business community, including the Chamber of Commerce, also opposed repeal.

In case you were wondering whether Pathetic Pat found a spine, grew a pair and stood up for something important, the answer is (SURPRISE!) no. Pat caved and signed the repeal today.

Tillisberger the defendants

Apparently the Tillisberger's jobs program consists of full employment for the lawyers defending the many lawsuits filed against the NC GOP's unconstitutional laws.

It's hard to keep track, but Tillisberger is being sued for at least:

  • School vouchers;
  • The voter suppression law (with plaintiffs including at least the US Department of Justice, ACLU, NAACP, League of Women Voters and college students and other individuals);
  • The marriage oppression law;
  • The unconstitutional legislative building rules; and
  • Teacher career status revocation.

Add to that list the possum torture lawsuit. PETA has filed suit again, this time over the new law that Tillisberger passed in response to the previous lawsuit.

Yes, we do care that the Tillisberger wastes tax dollars

It costs an estimated $50,000 per day to keep the NC general assembly in session. Tillisberger is keeping the NCGA in session much longer than estimated, and much longer than necessary, as they argue about who should suffer pain so that teachers can get a pay raise. So far, the potential pain recipients they've considered include old people, blind people, kids, disabled people, teacher assistants, school nurses and the teachers themselves.

They have not considered slightly reducing the extreme comfort level of Art Pope and his wealthy friends.

As lawmakers continue to snarl at each other over the state budget in the July swelter, predictions that the state House and Senate would wrap up their summer session by the end of June look laughably optimistic in hindsight.

$50,000 per day. For every day of the NC GOP legislators' theatrics, ten teachers could get a $5,000 raise.

The ridiculously simple solution to NC's Medicaid problem

Fire Wos.

It's abundantly clear that Queen Aldona is the problem.

Both Hise and Dollar also said that the Department of Health and Human Resources sorely needs experienced Medicaid officials to manage a complicated program that provides care to 1.7 million North Carolinians: the blind, disabled, elderly and poor children and their parents.

To which North Carolinians respond "DUH!"

Yet the thoroughly incompetent Aldona does just the opposite, surrounding herself with people who have no such experience. To top it off, she pays them ridiculously inflated fees using our taxpayer dollars [emphasis mine]

Juniorberger loses

Phil Berger Senior's name and coattails just weren't enough.

A harsh Republican Party fight for a shot at an open North Carolina congressional seat goes to Mark Walker.

His opponent, Phil Berger Jr., has conceded the primary race, stating: "It is important we unify as a party behind the Republican candidate. ... We must unify, we must come together" to retain Howard Coble's seat.

At least he's consistent -- consistently wrong.

Walker is just as much of a nut job as Juniorberger.

Please join me in sending some sincere best wishes to Laura Fjeld. Those best wishes are most effective when accompanied by a check. Let's all get behind Laura!

Thom the bully threatens Dem caucus funding

Vengeful, iron-fisted Thom Tillis is at it again. The latest in his long string of dictatorial petty punishments is to cut off funding for the NCGA's Democratic caucus.

House Democrats are accusing Republican Speaker Thom Tillis of abuse of power for refusing to release funds for caucus staff and using parliamentary maneuvers to cut off debate.

Minority Leader Larry Hall said Tuesday that Tillis "has decided to defund the House Democratic caucus."

Rep. Hall had the nerve to speak truth to power about the unconstitutional new legislative building rules intended to squelch Moral Monday protests. Thom decided to mete out some punishment for that.

"I was told that, unless I apologized to the members of the Legislative Services Commission for objecting to the new rules, we would not be funded," [Hall] said.

Duke Energy may be negligent polluters

but at least they're not a corporate bully who engages in extortion of their customers.

Oh, wait, scratch that.

“We knew we had paid it,” said customer Billy McCorquodale. "I noticed that it was lots more than it normally was, and I said, ‘Hey, something is wrong. Something's not jiving here.’”

His bill included a past due amount of $135.60.

“So, we called them,” McCorquodale said. “They come up with the fact, ‘Well, it takes time for a check to go through the bank’ rah rah rah this and that.”

McCorquodale’s canceled check proves it was cashed two days before the bill was due. He faxed a copy to Duke Energy. On his next bill, there was still no credit. McCorquodale was told to pay again, right away, to keep his power on. So, he paid $135.60 twice.

Pat McCrory goes for a swim in the Fox News cesspool

When you're a champion liar like Pat McCrory, you get to be in the Major League of Lying (aka Fox News). Pat went on TV to lie about North Carolina's unemployment situation.

The governor was on TV to talk about the state’s plunged unemployment rate and reduced federal debt following North Carolina’s decision not to extend long-term jobless benefits.

Varney asked McCrory if he thought cutting those benefits was the way of the future nationally, observing that there seems to be a philosophical conflict among some states over the value of benefits.
There is disagreement about whether cutting jobless benefits led to more jobs in North Carolina, or if the unemployment [sic] just quit looking.


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