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GOP's revenue deficit bites them

The half-billion-dollar revenue shortfall that's expected to grow to $1 billion is something that the NC GOP doesn't want you to know about, and won't admit. It's direct result of their foolish tax cuts for the wealthy, and it's sending us right down the failed path blazed by Kansas.

Now one of their pet ideological causes is getting the shaft because there's no money in the treasury. Led by nutty Lt. Dan, the NC GOP decided to get rid of Common Core, the set of educational standards that they themselves enthusiastically adopted. They decided this after the Obama administration said Common Core was a good thing.

But there's no money for the nutty ideologues to carry out that mission.

Little Ricky: the sequel

Y'all remember Little Ricky Diaz, right? The 24-year-old with no experience to whom Pat & Aldona gave the $85,000 patronage job?

Well, of course, Little Ricky left back in January, having polished his resume and stoked his own personal brand to obtain a PR job in Washington.

With DHHS continuing its incompetence and miserable failures, under the incompetent and failed leadership of Queen Aldona, the agency desperately needed some communications spin, so they've finally hired someone new.

Kendra Gerlach is joining the state Department of Health and Human Services next week as its new communications director, replacing Ricky Diaz who resigned in January.

Pat & Skvarla break the law again

By law, NC government meetings are open to the public.

But not the one next week in which high-level elected officials will be trying to shove offshore drilling down the throats of North Carolinians.

A high-level meeting scheduled in Raleigh next week for government officials to discuss offshore drilling will be off-limits to the public and to journalists.

NC Bigotry Coalition's legal malpractice

The shysters so-called attorneys at the NC "Values" Coalition (you remember them, they're the rabid anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-sanity lunatic fringe group) are telling NC Registers of Deeds that they don't need to issue marriage licenses to people if they don't want to. Of course, being bigots, the people they have in mind are gay people.

One of the groups that fought to pass an amendment to the state constitution that had the effect of banning same-sex marriages has circulated a legal memo saying that registers of deeds and their staffs cannot be forced to issue marriage licenses that conflict with their religion.

"There are statutory and constitutional protections available for any Register of Deeds or staff member whose strongly held religious beliefs would make them refrain from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples," Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the North Carolina Values Coalition, wrote in an email Friday. "They can claim their First Amendment right not to violate their religious beliefs."

Ummm...yeah. As usual, Tami got it completely wrong, as in the direct opposite of the truth.

Wesley Meredith supports expanding Medicaid -- to his family

It seems that state Senator Wesley Meredith, in addition to being racist and misogynist, also feeds at the public trough then lies about it.

An accusation of potential Medicaid insurance fraud against Republican state Sen. Wesley Meredith dates back nearly 20 years, but documents dropped by his Democratic opponent, Billy Richardson, have stirred up what was a quiet election campaign in Cumberland County.

The documents include Medicaid ID cards from 1996 naming Meredith's son and his then-wife, Elizabeth, as recipients. One hospital record obtained by WRAL shows Medicaid covered the birth.

There is no signature, but it lists Wesley Meredith as the guarantor. At the time, tax records show Meredith, a landscaper, was making around $100,000 a year.

NC GOP fiscal insanity: more debt for roads

Guvnor Pat and Transportation Tony helped add to North Carolina's traffic congestion problems yesterday by gallivanting across the state to pitch their transportation "vision".

The governor and Transportation Secretary Tony Tata traveled to four cities from Wilmington to Asheville to unveil a 25-year plan for rail, port, transit and highway investments across the state. Urban area priorities, such as mass transit and freeway upgrades, were included in McCrory’s “25-Year Vision for North Carolina.”

Like any other McCrory proposal, the "vision" is light on substance and heavy on sparkleponies, and the barnstorming tour is designed to attempt to get support by telling folks how wonderful the plan is and glossing over any unpleasant details, such as the fact that there's no money to pay for any of this.

On the streets of Raleigh NC...

...Of the shining Coal-Ash-Water,
Stood McCrory, the old guvnor,
Pointing with his finger backward,
O'er the water pointing backward,
To the purple ponds of coalash.

Yes, folks, Guvnor Pat is taking nominations for the next Poet Laureate of North Carolina. This time there are a few new criteria beyond Pat's original requirements (Republican, easily controlled person):

Another straw on the camel's back: Moral Monday appeal successful

The first Moral Monday arrest case to make it to Superior Court has resulted in the trumped-up charges being dismissed.

A Wake County Superior Court judge has dismissed a trespassing case against a protester arrested at the N.C. Legislative Building in the summer of 2013 in a ruling that could have broader effect on cases still in the judicial pipeline.

Judge Donald Stephens, the chief resident Superior Court judge of Wake County, ruled the constitutional rights of Leonard Beeghley were violated when he was arrested on June 17, 2013, demonstrating against the General Assembly's new agenda.

As in recent District Court cases, the judge cited the recent US Supreme Court ruling about protests on public property.

A U.S. Supreme Court decision in June has had an impact on the cases in recent weeks.


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