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[Excerpted from BackwardNC]

The right-wing nutjobs love to preach their rationalizations for the horrible laws they enact, and the two things they seem to cite most are the Bible and the Constitution.

Surely It's Just a Coincidence, Right Tim?

Mountain Xpress obtained emails that show that Reps. Tim Moffitt and Nathan Ramsey have had some interesting conversations with Asheville officials.

You'll recall that Moffitt and Ramsey stole Asheville's water system, and the City of Asheville sued.

Well it now turns out that Moffitt and Ramsey are telling the officials in Asheville that they sure would appreciate it if the City would drop that lawsuit (nothing surprising or inappropriate about that).

Wednesday Fracking

With apologies to scharrison, I thought that today would be a good time to make an observation about the horrors of fracking that are so blatantly obvious that they should be evident even to the dimwits in charge of the Jones Street House of Pain.

Arkansas legalized fracking a few years back. After the drilling started, Arkansas experienced hundreds of earthquakes. Even the unfair and unbalanced Faux News admitted that fracking was the likely cause of the earthquakes.

Memorial Day 2013

[Originally published at BackwardNC]


You probably know the sentence; it has become somewhat of a cliche. It's often attributed to Voltaire, but apparently actually was penned by his biographer Evelyn Beatrice Hall. It's generally some variation of "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

and people like me use it in debates to make a point about freedom and liberty. Cliche or not, it's a powerful sentiment; although European in origin, it expresses a uniquely American thought.

Then there is a special breed of people who don't just say or type those words -- they live them. They enlist in military service, and every single day, they defend -- to the death if necessary -- your and my freedoms. Not because they might happen to agree with our viewpoints, but just because we were fortunate to have been born Americans.

Putrid Liquid Garbage

It's understandable if you thought the title referred to what's coming out of the Jones Street House of Pain.

But it refers to a stupid new bill from the Jones Street House of Pain that will allow garbage trucks to leak putrid liquid garbage onto your curb. Actually, it's the repeal of a law that currently does NOT allow garbage trucks to leak putrid liquid garbage onto your curb.

"Di verse" it gets

[Originally published at BackwardNC]

Although what is illustrated next has always been evident, we found the actual data breathtaking when studying the topic of diversity in the Jones Street House of Pain. When you consider the GOP representatives and senators, about the only form of diversity you can identify is "Di more you consider dis, di verse it is".

Below the fold are the Republican and Democratic delegations of the NC House and Senate, respectively. Do you notice anything? We're not talking about the fact that there are fewer Democrats, that goes without saying. Squint your eyes and let it blur up a little bit.


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