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Millionaires tax giveaway deficit widens

Having already come home to roost, the pigeon that is the NC GOP tax "reform" has now settled in and is coating the state with pigeon poop. In particular, the revenue shortfall resulting from Art Pope's tax cut continues to grow to nearly $200 million for the first half of this fiscal year.

The gap between predicted and actual North Carolina state revenues is widening because of continued tepid personal income tax collections.

The legislature's top economist confirmed this week that revenues are about $190 million below expectations for the first five months of the fiscal year ending Nov. 30. Two months ago, the first-quarter gap was $62 million.

NC GOP hypocrisy about wealth inequality

The NC GOP, champions of making the wealthy wealthier and the poor poorer, seem to have a different viewpoint when it comes to the collective wealth of cities and counties.

A redistribution of local sales tax revenue to benefit poor counties is on the agenda for legislative leaders preparing for the session that begins in January.


Republicans from both chambers are talking about changing the distribution formula to funnel more to rural areas. No one offered specifics, but such a shift has the potential to pit urban counties against rural.

Mining & Energy Commission to NC citizens: frack you!

In case there was ever any doubt, the NC Mining & Energy Commission has made it abundantly clear that it is nothing but a tool of the dirty-energy fracking industry.

The commission tasked with writing North Carolina’s fracking safety rules is not going to revise any of its proposed rules even though a staff recommendation this week from the N.C. Rules Review Commission said three of the rules require public comment before they can be approved.

Instead, the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission agreed Friday that it will argue that the Rules Review Commission should adopt all 124 proposed fracking rules.

Hofmann Forest sale off -- for now

NCSU, claiming that the buyers couldn't get financing, is scrapping plans to sell Hofmann Forest. At least until they can find another buyer.

The Endowment Fund of North Carolina State University said Friday that a deal to sell the 79,000-acre Hofmann Forest near the coast is off after the two firms planning to buy the land couldn't finalize the financial contingencies of the contract.

The research forest will continue to be owned by the endowment fund for the benefit of the university's College of Natural Resources, officials said, adding that the endowment board and the Natural Resources Foundation hope to find another buyer.

The Koch brothers teach history

Welcome to history class, boys and girls! Today's lesson -- in fact, every day's lesson -- will be taught by the Koch brothers.

State high school social studies teachers would be encouraged to use curriculum materials prepared by an institute funded by the conservative Koch family, under a proposal the Department of Public Instruction presented Wednesday.

Did someone put loony juice in the water over at DPI?

When is a dump not a dump?

It's a great big hole in the ground that's going to be filled with waste materials. Lee County officials say that's a dump. State officials say it's not.

Lee commissioners’ chairman Charlie Parks says the Duke-Charah plan appears to be a safe use for ash – except for what they call it.

“We think this is a landfill like anything else,” he said. “You can call it what you want, but it’s a hole in the ground and you’re filling it up.”

Those burdensome regulations

"We have got to get rid of these burdensome regulations!" screams the NC GOP.

And they've already repealed lots of regulations that kept people safe and the environment protected.

Their corporate overlords don't like anything that gets in the way of unfettered profits, especially regulations that require basic fairness, ethical behavior and human decency.

You get what you vote for

The good folks of Lee County are up in arms about Duke Energy & Pollution's plan to dump coal ash in Sanford and Moncure.

If the comments made during a meeting inside the Lee County Board of Commissioners Room Monday night are any indication, Lee County residents do not want coal ash in their backyards.

“Who invited this idea,” one resident asked. “Why weren’t we notified sooner? And what is the purpose of bringing coal ash to our area?”

“If the coal ash dumping is so desirable, then why aren't the CEOs from Duke Power and their neighbors fighting to have it in their backyards,” another resident said.


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