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Congratulations James and BlueNC!

Art Pope's Uncivil Civitas Institute has published a map of the vast left-wing conspiracy in North Carolina.

Civitas casts a big lasso to make some of those connections, including organizations like the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, American Association of Retired Persons, Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation, the Center for Responsible Lending, former Raleigh City Council member and registered Republican Philip Isley (because he now lobbies for trial lawyers).

Bye bye movies

As the NC GOP continues to kill jobs in our state with their foolish "no subsidies, except for dirty energy, the gun industry and rich people" mentality, the end of film production tax credits has dried up movie production in our state.

Five movies shot in North Carolina will hit theaters this year, but the head of the state film office said Tuesday that no new movies are in production or currently planned anywhere in the state.

The real 2015 legislative agenda

The 2015 NCGA session opening day, with all of its pomp and flourish that no one except the legislators themselves care about, has come and gone.

The legislators feel obligated to posture for the cameras, and the media feels obligated to report what is upcoming for this year's session.

So the Democrats dredge up something about ethics reform, hoping maybe they can get the Republicans to buy into something -- anything -- they might propose (they picked the wrong thing. The GOP already has shut down the ethics reform train).

Bergermoore offers circumspect comments that are nothing but hot air, promising vaguely to work on jobs and education, two happy buzzwords that the media lap up.

NC Medicaid: Another "independent" commission

The latest fad among the NC GOP pestilence is the disturbing trend of creating "independent" commissions to handle hot-potato political issues.

They created a commission to manage coal ash, and now they're talking about creating a commission to manage the state's Medicaid program.

A legislative panel on Thursday recommended draft legislation calling for taking oversight of the state Medicaid program away from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The legislation ... proposes creating a Health Benefits Authority to manage Medicaid

H is for Hise, H is for Hypocrite

In a red sea of Republican hypocrisy, Senator Ralph Hise's hypocrisy rises to an extreme level.

After the North Carolina legislature meddled with a deal struck by former Governor Bev Perdue to lease the coveted Dix property to the City of Raleigh (the apparent reasoning being that the former Governor was a Democrat), the state of North Carolina and City of Raleigh have finally, after more than a year, struck a new deal to sell the Dix property to Raleigh. Most everyone, including some of the Jones Street House of Pain's leading extremist nut jobs, are praising this new deal.

Lawmakers on hand Monday said the new deal was much better than the lease agreement, which they feared could end up costing the state money in the long run.
Both Stam and Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-Wake, said they believe lawmakers would not interfere with the deal.

And then there's Hise.

McCrory's meltdown

Pat McCrory really doesn't like anyone shattering his delusions. Where Pat lives, in Alternate Realityville, he is always right, he has high ethical standards and everyone loves him.

When the Associated Press pointed out that Pat got a nice payoff from the Lending Tree folks, and that he hadn't actually earned that payoff according to the standard rules, and that the didn't fully report the payoff on his ethics forms, and that he didn't actually resign fro the Lending Tree board until after he became governor, and that there were several irregularities associated with this transaction; and then reminded readers that all this was reminiscent of Pat's previous highly questionable behavior surrounding his Duke Energy stock holdings, Pat melted down. [And not just because attempts to describe all of Pat's vagaries result in an extreme run-on sentence :-) ].

The day after a wire service reported that North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory received a six-figure stock payout from an online mortgage broker that is regulated by the state, the governor’s emphatic reaction to the story nearly eclipsed the news itself.

The fracking farce: rules approved

Not that it's a surprise to anyone, but the NC Mining & Energy Commission ignored the advice of legal counsel and rammed through a bad set of fracking rules to meet a stupid, arbitrary deadline.

North Carolina’s proposed fracking safety standards sailed through a rules review Wednesday despite a staff attorney’s warning that several rules failed to meet state standards and should be put out for public hearing.

N. Carolina: the 'N' is for "NRA"

Just how crazy has the NC GOP become?

Thoroughly bat-shit insane, that's how crazy the NC GOP has become. The latest evidence that what used to be LaRouche-caliber lunatic fringe extremism has now become the GOP mainstream was offered at the NC GOP holiday party hosted by US Rep. Charles Taylor. Ol' Chuck decided that no one exudes the Christmas spirit like the disgraced, indicted wacko Tom DeLay, whom he invited to be the featured speaker.

Former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay called President Obama a Marxist at a large GOP gathering here Friday night and said the country must return religion to government.

UNC Board of Republican Governors launches inquisition

The mostly white, mostly male, mostly Republican UNC Board of Governors has launched an inquisition into several of the UNC system's centers that focus on various societal issues. Of the 240 centers statewide, the white male Republican inquisitors have chosen about 30 for special grilling on the hot seat. In case you're wondering if the centers chosen to be questioned in the spotlight largely address causes the tea party opposes (you know, poverty, women, diversity, the environment, civil rights and such), the answer is (SURPRISE!) yes.

The white male Republican inquisitors claim that their inquisition is all about efficiency, but of course it's really all about ideology and quashing opposition voices.

In a debate that at times veered into testy ideological exchange, UNC-Chapel Hill center directors mounted a vigorous justification of their work Thursday before a UNC Board of Governors panel reviewing more than two dozen centers and institutes.


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