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Help me make this the last post about Same-Day Registration.

This is an important, if simple, post. Something strange is going on with the Registration and Voting at One-Stop Sites Bill (HB 91) and we need to stop it. If you can swing it, please come to the legislature at 12:30 tomorrow. I'll be there, outside of General Assembly Room 1027 with a cadre of committed Young Democrats.

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Last Push for Same Day Registration

After an interesting week at the legislature, and a crossover that needed Tim Hardaway, HB 91 - the Same Day Registration Legislation - is scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor this Tuesday. So, for one last time, the Young Democrats of North Carolina are asking for your help on one of our biggest legislative priorities. The best way to help at this point is through letters to the editor and direct constituent-to-Senator contact. (More background here)

Sam Spencer's First BlueNC* Road Trip

Guess where I went on my first BlueNC road trip, and try to do it without clicking on the pictures ...

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News of the Weird

Publisher Arrested for Refusing to Exit Closed-Door Meeting

Published: May 30, 2007 1:20 PM ET

BURLINGTON, N.C. A newspaper publisher has been charged with misdemeanor
trespassing after refusing to leave an airport authority meeting that
officials went on to conduct behind closed doors.

Does anyone know what the Burlington City Council and Alamance County have against open meetings?

Richard Moore Kickoff

I promised I'd give an update on the two Moore for Governor events this week, and after Thursday's vote in Congress, I'd rather write about something that won't make us angrier. Unfortunately, both of my digital cameras broke, so I don't have any photos from the surprisingly well-attended Charlotte event, but luckily the campaign has a flickr account with photos from Tuesday's kickoff event, and I've got the story (If you want more on the Treasurer's message, try my earlier blog post).

Moore: "Reform to Invest"

It's my birthday today, so please let me get away with a diary that I'm bound to update later. I was at Richard Moore's campaign kickoff in Oxford, NC yesterday, where right next to trays of excellent hush puppies supporters found an example of excellent framing:

Reform to Invest

UPDATED: Richard Moore Opens Campaign Website

The Democratic Primary for North Carolina Governor, which seems like it's been running at full steam for ... well, forever, becomes official today as Richard Moore announces his campaign. In addition to opening the campaign website this morning, the campaign will hold the first of many kickoff events tonight. There will be barbecue in Oxford at 5 p.m. ... and yes, I'm supporting Richard's campaign for NC's highest office.

What Do I Have in Common with Brad Miller & Al Franken?

Is it a socially-conscious sense of humor (Franken)? Is it how we frequent blogs, or how we have a North Carolina voter registration card (Miller)?

It could be a strong dislike for our current White House leadership, but that's something most of America has in common now. So I'll cut the bull and get straight to the point - we all have birthdays this week!

... and there's nothing I'd like more that to help out my fellow birthday boys through ActBlue.


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