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First Post for Chris Dodd on BlueNC?

I'm still a Biden Guy, but I will admit that I've been really impressed with the campaign ideas coming out of Senator Chris Dodd's camp. Sure, I thought parts of the website were a little hokey - the "Dodd Squad" and the "Dodd Pod" get a nod - but many of us have seen the talk clocks; an Internet presence second only to that of Edwards; great use of ustream.tv; the first bare-bones, text-only "personal" e-mails; YouTube as a tool for pushing bills through Congress; and more. In the words of Marc Ambinder:

his campaign itself is near flawless; his argument is pitch-perfect and attuned to his audience ... he's the first out of the box with attractive policy ideas, like a carbon tax. And, especially for a campaign run largely by veterans of Washington, he's used emerging technologies more fruitfully than just about everyone else.

Dodd was definitely surging as my second choice due to his voting record, innovations, and subtle jabs, but his latest idea makes him a second-place lock ...

Vance-Aycock Decompression and The Scary Truth About Jim Neal

I'll start with what you really came here for: the truth about Jim Neal. The site is boiling to the brim over the possibility of Rep. Martin running for the Senate, especially now that Sen. Hagan is out of the race (according to a few who could be counted on to know attending the Vance-Aycock dinner). So I'm sure you want the dirt on this Neal guy so that you can throw it back at him if Rep. Martin runs. Unfortunately for those who get their kicks from schadenfreude, Neal showed himself to be a nice, likable guy with a full-shoe operation.

Pass the Vance, Hold the Aycock

I'm surprised that BlueNC passed up two big governor stories from Monday ... or maybe I should just assume that everyone on BlueNC reads Under the Beckwith as well. Either way, Richard Moore is calling on NC Democrats to rename this weekend's Vance-Aycock dinner. From MSNBC:
Moore said Aycock focused his campaign on efforts to disenfranchise black voters, and his victory fostered Jim Crow laws throughout the South.A group of conservative Republicans said last month it planned to protest on Saturday and pay for a television ad to air that night blaming Aycock and his speeches for events leading to the riots in what was then North Carolina's largest city.Last year, a state panel concluded that by murdering and terrorizing blacks, white supremacists were able to overthrow government officials in New Hanover County at gunpoint in the only recorded coup d'etat in U.S. history.

Earle: Above the Bunk

MCDP Chair David Erdman & Rep. Beverly Earle

In the past couple of weeks, we've seen an assault from Republican media and the Charlotte Observer on the character of our mayoral candidate, Beverly Earle. But it's clear that she's above the bunk being thrown at her lately:

Sitting there in a stylish, dark-green outfit, eyes sparkling, Earle radiates a surprising level of confidence and fire, especially for a candidate who, having hardly gotten out of the gate, has already been raked over the coals by the Observer for minor finance reporting oversights.

Her recent experience with the press is evidently on her mind when she says, chuckling, "Pleased to meet you ... I think."

Jena (In Pictures) - We were there.

Crossposted at Kos - Sam.

I can't sum up the events in Jena much better than MissLaura did, even though I was there. I'm still processing everything, and I'm overwhelmed by the experience - I'm a young man, and I can't remember my generation experiencing a civil rights flashpoint such as this (I was in fifth grade when OJ was acquitted, and in light of recent events, that's something I'd rather stay away from).

But I digress. Here are the photos I took while I marched in Jena. They tell an interesting story ... and I'll start with this one:

At the High school

This is about one seventh of the crowd at the High School at about 11:00 AM CDT. This isn't counting the groups that were marching to the high school, marching from the high school, still on the buses, at the La Salle Parish Courthouse, at the BBQ on East Oak Street, or stuck somewhere else in town. I believe that the estimates of "over 10,000" or "about 20,000" are low. In so many ways, this was bigger than those numbers.

Update: Rep. Tricia Cotham hosts well-attended fundraiser

State House Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham just pulled off a great fundraiser at the home of Crandall Bowles. From the guest list to the Cabernet Sauvignon, it was certainly one of the best executed fundraisers I've seen in a long time. Guests included the Hon. June Atkinson, NC Speaker of the House Joe Hackney, Lt. Governor Candidate Walter Dalton, Larry Kissell, John Autry, Mecklenburg Commissioners Parks Helms and Chair Jennifer Roberts, Jerry Meek, and yours truly.

Save Our Buses!

You may have heard about an effort to repeal Mecklenburg County's half-cent sales tax, which funds the Charlotte Area Transportation System, aka CATS. And you may have heard that the arguments coming from groups like "Sensible Charlotte Area Transportation" (SCAT) are almost as bad as their graphics. I mean, they're not a threat to transit, right?

While the main man behind the signature campaign to get the transit tax repeal on the ballot has been discredited (so much so that he dropped out of the at-large race for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board of Education), the Charlotte Chamber and the "official" group pushing to keep the transit tax has been making its own mistakes. They've been in trouble for influencing a UNCC study, and they've operated within the frame that the transit tax is all about light rail. There's just one small problem:

Repealing the Transit Tax will dismember our bus system.

That's why, this Thursday, a grassroots group is coming together to Save Our Buses!

Save Our Buses Rally
Time: Thursday, August 9, 5:30 p.m. (please arrive early)
Location: Rosa Parks Place Community Transit Center
Corner of Beatties Ford Road AND Rosa Parks Place
Charlotte, NC 28216 (Google Maps)
Signs: Please Support the Transit Tax with your homemade signs!
Dress: Casual, Business, Bike Clothes, School Uniform, Work Clothes ... you get the idea
Contact: Sam Spencer ... um, PM me?

BREAKING: Beverly Earle to run for Mayor of Charlotte

This has been embargoed until the filing today, but NC State Rep. Beverly Earle (D-NC-101) just filed the papers necessary to run for Mayor of Charlotte. She is in her seventh term as a state representative and has served as the Democratic Whip and Caucus Chair.

From the Observer:

Earle, who is in her seventh term, was the first black woman elected to the N.C. House from Mecklenburg County. She has been an advocate for women, children and mental health reform. She has been a leader in the N.C. Legislative Black Caucus and is past president of the Carolinas Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs.

Bring Down the Govenment; They Don't Speak for Us OR Après Scooter, le deluge!

No, I'm not advocating treason or anything of the sort, in spite of what President Bush did yesterday. But I am advocating a free speech exercise to shut down the White House for a Day. It's (almost) as simple as 10 numbers:


That's the White House Switchboard Number. But don't say you're leaving a comment. Ask for one of these people - that's the National Journal White House staff list.

Say something specific to their office. Ask Tony Snow if he can answer questions now. Ask for Dick Cheney, and say you're supporting H.RES. 333. Say you don't support a pardon in addition to commuting the sentence. I'm almost willing to say that you should give the Leahy treatment, but since you're going to be talking to a staffer, I won't endorse that course of action.


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