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Jim Neal Endorses HKonJ's 14 Points - Neal Campaign to March this Saturday

U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Neal is marching on Jones Street this Saturday - and he's bringing his campaign. Staff, volunteers, interns, and the candidate himself aren't just talking the talk - they're walking the walk, demonstrating a commitment to social justice.

Jim's also bringing something else with him - a commitment to the People's Agenda, the 14 Points that are core to making HKonJ a movement instead of a moment:

Another Blogging Hiatus ... this time, for Jim Neal

Though it feels like I just got back to North Carolina and the world wide web, it's not time to go back to blogging quite yet. Duty calls.

As a few of you learned this past Saturday at the State Executive Committee meeting in Hamlet, I have taken a job as the Statewide Political Director for the Neal for Senate campaign. This was not a decision I made lightly, or without a few weeks of consideration - but it was the right decision. Though many campaigns were quick to send job offers to those of us that became unemployed after Iowa, I chose the Neal campaign for many reasons - our strong grassroots support, our impressive volunteers, the historic nature of the race, and our very real chance to get rid of Dole.

Don't Forget! YDNC Hosts "Saving Our Schools" Town Hall with Larry Kissell

Plan to be in BISCOE tonight!

“Today we will be joined by young teachers, parents and students, to open up the communication lines between our leaders and the community. It is time for young people across North Carolina to recognize the political influence that is theirs to organize and speak out on critical issues like education,” said Melissa Price, Vice-President of the North Carolina Young Democrats.

Celebrate our Democracy

The eyes of the world are upon us. Here in Iowa, the thaw has begun. After long, dark days of harsh cold, it's supposed to warm up for the caucuses today. The ice is receding. The new winds are taking hold in preparation for the magic of a January night under the stars. Our party is united for change, for hope, to fight, to lead on (or before) day one. We're united for peace through strength, for an America that rises like a sun as the snow melts. We're fired up and ready for Bush to go. We have plans - for Iraq, for Pakistan, for restoring our Constitution. The Fire Fighters are for us, as are the service workers, the middle class, the single parents, the teachers, the farmers. The archetypal Americans are for us because we are for them. The children from the Norman Rockwell paintings are weathered and as old as 2007, but they will be standing for Biden and Dodd and Edwards and Obama.

Today we're more than ourselves - we're teams, we're beliefs, we're opinions, we're percentages of state delegates but we're united. Interconnected. By November the ice will have given way to the grass and its roots and the luminous splendor that grows forth from it. We are already a part of the campaigns that we have been waiting for - the change we have been working for - the judgment and experience that anticipates the action to bring our country back on its feet, proving that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Our spite will succumb to the stupor we will feel when the blessings of America are returned to us. God Bless America. Let's celebrate our democracy. Happy Caucus Day everybody.

"facebook Polling" Users Weigh in on Sheriff Controversy

As most of you know, I've been away from North Carolina for awhile, with many positives and negatives as a result. Negatives include icy roads, a lack of sweet tea/BBQ/Cheerwine, and 19-42 hour days. Positives include friendly people, a fun (if taxing) job, and being able to stay out of the Sheriff debacle in Mecklenburg County.

I've heard many different viewpoints concerning the special election, but I've wanted to see how young people back home feel about the Sheriff situation, to gain a more objective viewpoint. This might pique your interest:

In an online poll conducted by Facebook Polling, only 17% of respondents in the "Charlotte, NC" network believed that Mecklenburg County Sheriff apointee Nick Mackey should be allowed to take office.

Why I'm in Iowa

Crossposted from Daily Kos.

I've been in Iowa for a week, doing whatever it takes to win Iowa and the Democratic Nomination for Senator Joe Biden. As everybody here at BlueNC knows, I believe in Joe.

I'm beyond talking about Chuck Grassley and Tom Carper's Bankruptcy Bill, or the Clarence Thomas hearings that were cut short by Anita Hill's team. I'm beyond pedantic enucleations of back-door bureaucratic negotiations. I'm way beyond Hillary bashing. I'm not even asking for money. Instead, I'm going to tell you a story that in some ways goes back to a young college student in his small town's only diner, and in other ways goes back to a young man growing up in Delaware. Hopefully, you will indulge me as I go back in to my past, our past, and Joe Biden's past with some of my recollections and a few quotes that help tell the story. To those enamored with brevity, I apologize for the commodious topics covered in this diary. I think it's a rewarding read, but it's not for the faint of heart. Perhaps it will tell you more about a great Democratic Senator and a little about ourselves. And so it begins ...

It's Official! Our Candidate For Defeating Dole (NC-Sen)

Crossposted from Daily Kos and MyDD for BlueNC loyalists, even at the risk of being redundant. - Sam

After twists and turns, flirtations and family considerations, drafts and dodgers, North Carolina's "telephone primary" is over. The waters have been tested, everyone's made up their mind, and we have our candidate for defeating Dole in 2008: Jim Neal.

I’m a guy who has lived, worked and raised a family in the real world. I understand the issues—very serious issues—which confront our state and our republic. I can not do this alone folks. I’m not running out of personal ambition or political aspiration. I’m running because I believe that government can, not in all but many instances, lead the nation in making positive change which touch all of us. Liddy Dole is no leader, and she doesn’t and hasn’t lived in the real world* for the 40-odd years of her adult life spent inside the Beltway.

I’m a fighter. I am committed and will survive the mudslinging which comes in an election year when the GOP is vulnerable, scared, without substance and rudderless. I ain’t afraid of the briar patch, and I am running this race to win.

* or North Carolina - Ed.


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