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More info about the 5 Dem collaborators voting with the R's to destroy public education in North Carolina

James has an article up about the 5 Dems voting with the Republican party and how they are being played for dopes. Just in case you are interested in who they are, how they have voted, the committees they serve on, etc, go here. Since I couldn't copy and paste a map of NC showing the House Districts, you'll have to go here. (I hope that works.)

In the meantime, here's a little info on each that may be helpful:

Gov. Perdue and Community Broadband

There is a bill sitting on Gov. Perdue's desk today submitted by the Republican Legislature against Community Broadband. This has been written about by others on this blog. Today in the Huffington Post, Lawrence Lessig has posted an open letter to Gov. Perdue asking her to veto this bill.

Commercial broadband providers are not happy with this new competition, however. After spending millions in lobbying and campaign contributions in North Carolina, they convinced your legislature to override the will of local North Carolina communities, and ban these faster, cheaper broadband networks. Rather than compete with better service, and better prices, they secured a government-granted protection against competition. And now, unless you veto H. 129, that protection against competition will become law.

Is David Young the progressive leader we need?

Since his election many have asked why this man. Now he has a situation at a trailer park in Weaverville, NC.

Earlier this week, David Young, the chairman of the N.C. Democratic Party and the owner of the Eden Glen Mobile Home Park in Weaverville said the orange-colored water he charges residents for is safe but “not pretty.” Oh, and for those who refused to pay the bills because the water is so nasty? The people who may want a word with the park owner after their water was cut off?

“I don't manage it (the mobile home park). … I'm just an investor there,” Young told our paper.

Dear lord.

You're not just an investor, David; you're the owner, along with your wife, Leigh. It's on the legal papers.

Mr. Young can't even tell the truth about his holdings, how can we trust him with our party?

D'Annunzio Meltdown...

D'Annunzio lost, I'll bet to Larry Kissell's chagrin because now he'll have a true race with a significant candidate in Harold Johnson. Johnson, a former sportscaster was also the hand-picked candidate by none other than "Not Gay" Tom Fetzer.

Prior to the election, D'Annunzio was given more than an hour on a live radio broadcast where he did a live melt-down!

"If we let deranged, demented people like you choose who we have for politicians, we'll continue to have dunces and political hacks from here into the future," D'Annunzio charged. "If people wake up and see through you and your types then maybe we'll wind up with people who have the balls to get up there and really fight for what the people need."

D'Annunzio V. Republican Party V. Kissell

Earlier on DailyKos, Bernardpliers wrote a diary about the R party and how they are trying to kill the D'Annunzio campaign in NC 8th District. This is the district currently held by Larry (the back stabber) Kissell. What is so unusual is that they are digging up dirt on D'Annunzio and flinging it as hard and fast as possible.

In another post at DK, Barbara Morrill has picked up the story and is running it on the front page. In her take, she endorses the scenario that the Republican party is trying to keep out another Rand Paul!

Got your popcorn yet kids?

A new anti-Republican blog

While reading on the inter-tubes today, I came across this very interesting Blog. The name is "Republican against our sorry, do-nothing North Carolina Senator, Richard Burr"! Here's a nice quote....

Our Republican Senator Richard Burr reminds me of Raleigh, North Carolina Realtors. He's an impediment to progress. It's time for him to go. North Carolina deserves better than Richard Burr.


I'd say he's 100% right, North Carolina deserves better than Burr!

Larry Kissell ad

We all know that Kissell is having a hard time explaining himself to his former supporters. We've all heard his lame excuse for voting against the Health Care Reform Bill, but now he has this:


Larry Kissell not only sounds like a Republican, now he advertises like one!


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