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PDNC has released a statement today that calls for the North Carolina Democratic Party to lead the fight against political corruption. We have invited Party Chair David Young (see letter here) to join us in making sure that the necessary reforms are put into place. We need to make sure that the scandals that have discredited our party in recent years--with the revelations that have surfaced in the Easley hearings being just the latest outrage in a string of far too many-will not continue to damage the Democratic Party or the democratic process.

Kissell and Etheridge and McIntyre, oh, my!!!

In case you haven't heard, these are Congressfolk from NC who DON'T SUPPORT HEALTHCARE REFORM. If you are from these districts, please let them know that they must stand with Democrats on reform NOW, we will not have this chance again for another generation. What is the alternative? Do nothing and have the system collapse? Vote with Republicans and make things worse for more people?

March for Climate Leadership

NC WARN,Greenpeacemarch for climate leadership

300,000 people a year are dying from climate change disasters.
We have five years to take action to avoid runaway global warming.

A Call to Conscience

to cancel construction of Duke Energy’s coal-burning power plant at Cliffside and turn North Carolina toward NC SAVE$ ENERGY.

to champion an international treaty for emissions reduction that is fair, ambitious, and binding.

4 US Senate candidates at PDNC Convention

We are honored to announce that we will have four probable Democratic US Senate candidates for Senator Richard Burr's seat to speak at the Progressive Democrats of North Carolina's 6th Annual Convention this Saturday.

Elaine Marshall will address the convention during the opening remarks portion, and the other three candidates (Cal Cunningham, Kenneth Lewis, Mayor Kevin Foy) will address the convention at 3:45pm to 4:30pm.

Register here:

The good Democrats of NC

Today was a proud day at the SEC meeting for the people who are the rank and file of this party. More than once we basked in the glory of being the party that for the past 80 years or so has worked for the things that have pushed this country forward, Social Security, Civil Rights, Regulations that kept the country on an even keel for more than 50 years and saw the largest expansion of the middle class on record. Many of the things that Senator Edward Kennedy stood for.

It was a hard five hours but for the most part I was very proud of the myriad of resolutions that percolated up from precincts all over the state that passed at the SEC meeting today. Here are a few highlights:

First off Delmas Parker presented a heart warming statement of condolences and tribute to the late Senator Kennedy which we voted to adopt.

Guilford Co Prog Dems dinner with Cal Cunningham

Guilford County Progressive Democrats will host Forsyth County and other Triad area progressives at their Quarterly Dinner Meeting

6 pm Saturday, August 8
Kernersville NC

The speaker for the meeting is Cal Cunningham (who is exploring a run for the U.S. Senate against Richard Burr next year) Cal was judged to be "within striking distance" of incumbent Burr in the latest poll run by Public Policy Polling, even before he has made an official announcement.


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