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No, dam it, Alcoa, go away already

A federal appeals court has ruled against Alcoa in its bid to speed the process of granting a federal license to operate four dams along the Yadkin River in Stanly County.

Alcoa's bid to continue operating the dams, which it built along the river to provide energy for a now-closed smelting plant near Badin, is opposed by state officials and by environmental groups. Gov. Bev Perdue's administration has said it could attract new jobs if it were to operate the dams, which are along a 38-mile stretch of the Yadkin River.

I guess the answer "No." won't be heard until they get tired of paying lawyers. Honestly, my google alert for news: Yadkin Alcoa has had no hits for months. The rusty wheels of justice turn very slowly.

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Hogwaste in NC

To the detriment of North Carolina’s public and environmental health, the population of hogs in North Carolina has surpassed people in the past 20 years. Yet, we utilize one of the least advanced models of industrial pork production in the country. The 40 million gallons of waste produced daily by North Carolina’s hogs seeps into the groundwater through unlined manure lagoons that can be 6 acres in size and is sprayed in massive quantities onto nearby fields—within 75 feet of schools and homes.

politicians that commit seppuku

Well, not literally but can you imagine an elected politician who steps down from high office after eight months because he couldn't deliver on a campaign promise? Larry are you reading?

That's exactly what Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has done.

It comes after he broke an election pledge to move an unpopular US military base away from the island of Okinawa.


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