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I'll have one electric car please!

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Chevy Volt
I found a reason today for our local republican GM car dealer (Ben Mynatt) to get a bunch of money out of me.
Several news sources today announced what i think a lot of people are waiting for: the rebirth of the electric car.

Some big honcho at GM must have watched the excellent documentary "who killed the electric car" (if you haven't seen it yet, go rent it), because General Motors Corp. today unveiled the Chevrolet Volt sedan concept at the North American International Auto Show.

Robin Hayes says we will win in Iraq by "spreading the message of Jesus Christ" there.

Robin Hayes has the solution to the Iraq war: have our soldiers convert all Muslims to Christianity.

Having won the election by only a hair’s width and almost getting himself kicked out of Congress seems to have had some profound psychological effects on poor Mr. Hayes. A speech that flip-floppin’ Robin gave last week at the Concord Rotary Club seems to prove he has finally gone off the deep end.

Our local weekly newspaper the “Concord Standard and Mount Pleasant Times” reported on Mr. Hayes speech in his hometown:

First there’s the usual talk of how we’re “winning” over there: “The war in Iraq has got to be won; it’s being won” (A couple of months ago Hayes said that the rise in violence in Iraq was an indication that we’re winning.)

Then comes the real kicker: “Stability in Iraq ultimately depends on spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace on earth, good will towards men. Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the Savior.”

The Kissell recount; my day as an observer.

Here are some of my observations from the machine recount in Cabarrus County today:

I arrived at the board of elections at 9.45 and found out that the recount had started at 9.15, not 10.00 like I was told.

The Observers were 2 young "bimbos" that worked for Hayes, A lady called Firth that worked for the U.S. House (but that obviously was a republican) and Me. An hour later Larry G. (Chair of the cabarrus GOP) arrived. So it was me and 4 republicans.
A reporter for the Observer also showed up in the afternoon, together with a photographer.

In Cabarrus County we voted by way of optical scan on election day and touch screen for the early vote.

John Edwards joins Larry Kissell October 13th!

Since I haven't seen anyone here announce the exact date yet, I might as well have the scoop I guess.

John Edwards is coming to Concord on Friday October 13th to support our next congressman for the 8th District, Larry Kissell!

We will have the rally in the parking lot of Concord High School in downtown Concord, hometown of Robin Hayes.

This location has not been chosen randomly. The rally will also serve as a tailgating party for the biggest football game in Cabarrus County between Concord High and A.L.Brown, who have a 75 year old football rivalry. This game usually draws a crowd of more than 10,000. Robin Hayes has a tradition of doing the "coin toss" for this game and using it as a campaign moment. We want to steal some of his attention.

Our tailgating rally starts at 5.30 pm and will last until 6.30 pm. We need hundreds of supporters at this event, so please come and bring all your friends. Go Larry, go!

website exposes voting record of Robin Hayes

A new website launched today:
You'll see that it looks remarkably similar to Mr. Hayes official campaign website, which is

Our site aims to teach voters the truth about Robin's voting record instead of blowing smoke up people's butt, which is what His official site does. We appreciate any input in how to improve the site, especially when it comes to facts about Hayes' voting record.

Have a nice day and let's all work for change this November!


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