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The Cost

It would be nice to have a running total of costs and impact that HB2 has had on the state so far, if such a thing could be calculated. In the meantime, the Williams Institute at the UCLA Law School has provided their own conservative estimate of cost to the state, not only in lost business, federal funding, and tourism but also in terms of discrimination, development, and diversity.

Yet Another

Along with Springsteen and Ringo, the latest casualty of our state legislature's inanity is Cirque du Soleil, pulling out of their NC shows. This one makes me truly sad, although a part of me applauds them for doing it. From their Facebook page ...

Yet again

When at first you don't succeed ... rebrand, and rebrand again. Since "Xe" didn't seem to work for them, Blackwater (I'm sorry, but they'll always be Blackwater to me) is at it again with a whole new image, a softer and gentler right wing militancy. This time it's "Academi."

A Request

Currently licensed professional counselors (LPCs) and licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) are not eligible for Medicare reimbursement. I believe that the House health care bill has a provision that would rectify this, but the Baucus Senate bill doesn't.

The request is simple enough: call Kay Hagan (202-224-6342) and Richard Burr (202-224-3154) and ask them to support S.671, The Seniors Mental Health Access Improvement Act of 2009. Thanks in advance.

A Decent Society

I know it's bad form to quote wholesale from a previously published article, and it's not something I would normally do, on this or any site. But the following is from an article published in Parade Magazine, of all places, in 1991 (pre-internet). It was an article that my father cut out and saved, being the old school FDR-Harry-Emerson-Fosdick liberal that he was. (In fact, the older he got, the more liberal he became, although he watched Crossfire religiously because, as he said, he wanted to know what the other side thought.) At any rate, he saved this article because it meant something to him ... it described him. I've looked for it for some time, and finally stumbled across it (as Sidney Harris used to say) while looking for something else.

My father died in 2001, and coming across this article has brought back some warm memories of the man who had more of an influence on my socio-poliitico-spiritual life than anyone else ... and a man whom I still miss deeply for his wisdom and his humor. I share it here simply as an offering.

Here is a link to a PDF of the below article.

From the twilight zone

Looking for a way to spoil a good evening, I went tonight to a Patrick McHenry town hall in Hickory. I know, it sounds like cruel and unusual punishment and, yes, it felt like punishment. Aural waterboarding maybe. I have to say that I greatly admired my father, a WWII vet and Roosevelt liberal who seemed to grow more liberal as he aged, but who watched Crossfire religiously because, as he said, he wanted to know what the other side thought. I admire that, and don't do it very well myself. But tonight I did.


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