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Liddy Dole's campaign is unable to meet the logistical challenges presented by Pat McCrory's fundraiser in Raleigh with President Bush. No doubt Elizabeth Dole is deeply disappointed that her veteran campaign staff were unable to provide her with the opportunity to greet our president in "her" state.

From the N&O:

Dole spokesman Hogan Gidley said she would not attend today's fundraiser.

"Any presidential visit requires a ton of logistics, and we have a busy schedule mapped out for the summer and fall months," Gidley said.

What are the logistical challenges that prevent Senator Dole from showing up at Bush's fundraiser for McCrory? I've created a list of possibilities:

Robin Hayes Profits from Record Gas Prices

With up to $23 Million in Big Oil Stock, Robin Hayes Profits from North Carolinians Paying Record Prices at the Pump

Hardworking North Carolinians may question why Congressman Robin Hayes sides with Big Oil and against them as they struggling to pay record-high gas prices.

Financial reports released this week could explain why -- Robin Hayes owns up to $23 million in Big Oil stock, meaning that Hayes actually profits off of North Carolinians struggling with record prices at the pump.

While Hayes makes money on his millions in investments when Big Oil makes record profits, he also voted to give Big Oil $85 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies. Big Oil has thanked him with nearly $175,000 in campaign contributions.

Conf Call Today Tuesday at 4pm Re: McCain Fundraiser

Women Leaders To Hold Conference Call on McCain's Refusal To Cut Ties With Fundraiser Clayton Williams

Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte and former Chair of the Texas Democratic Party Molly Beth Malcolm will hold a conference call today, Tuesday, June 17th, at 4 pm EDT/3 pm CDT to discuss John McCain's refusal to denounce offensive and misogynist comments made by McCain campaign fundraiser Clayton Williams or return the $300,000 Williams raised on McCain's behalf. Williams stirred controversy during his run for governor of Texas in 1990 when he compared rape to the weather, saying that "As long as it's inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it…" Van de Putte and Malcom will also discuss why Senator McCain is bad for women and how he doesn't understand the issues American women face. [Washington Post, 6/13/08]

Civitas Poll Luncheon May 2008

Civitas has a luncheon every month or so to spin the results of their push polls. These meetings are primarily used to offer advice to Republican elected officials and GOP campaign workers on how to win elections. Given that Civitas claims a 501(c)3 tax free status, this ought to be illegal.

As a staff person of the North Carolina Democratic Party I attended the lunch yesterday. Ric Killian (R, District 105) was the guest. We tried to tape the presentation, but a Civitas staff person prevented us from doing so.

The Coble Record

Cut and paste from the NC-06 Democrats website. Visit the site directly at

The Coble Record

Coble Voting Record Jan-Feb 2008

No to the Economic Stimulus Package. No to housing assistance. No to renewable energy.
Coble Voting Recor May-June 2008

No to helping states buy foreclosed properties.
Coble Voting Record March-April 2008

No to cancelling debt of certain poor countries. No to providing international assistance for AIDS/HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.
Coble Votes Against Economic Stimulus Package

President Bush urged Congress to move quickly to help ease the pain of recession. Democratic and Republican leaders joined the President in hammering out a stimulus package. Congress passed it 385-35.

Congressman Howard Coble voted NO.
Coble Voting Record Nov-Dec 2007

No to Employment Non-Discrimination. No to Homeowners. No on protecting taxpayers from the Alternative Minimum Tax. No to mortgage reform.
Coble Voting Record September-October 2007

No to college students. No, again, to college students. No to small businesses. No to children who need health insurance. No to expanding flood insurance. No to affordable housing. No to dam repair. Yes to his patent-conscious PAC contributors.
Coble Voting Record July-August 2007

No, once again, to redeploying American troops in Iraq. No, once again, to implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. No to housing assistance and Appalachian regional development. No to improving children's health insurance. No to minimum rest periods between troop deployments.

And on the all important last day before summer research, Coble goes AWOL: not voting on renewable energy, energy independence, Defense Department appropriations, and amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).
Coble Voting Record May-June 2007

No to Head Start. No to Hate Crimes. No to Homeland Security. No to US Intelligence. No to North Carolina's Carl Sandburg.

Politico: DNC blunts GOP voter targeting efforts

Sorry for the cut and paste job. This is about our Constructing Victory field plan. It's good to get the press, even better if we can get some more people to sign up. If you have feedback on the field plan, please comment.

By: David Paul Kuhn
May 23, 2008 04:55 AM EST

After years of struggling to catch up to the Republican Party's sophisticated microtargeting efforts, the Democratic National Committee appears to have come close to parity.

DNC Launches McCainpedia

McCainpedia is the latest in a series of powerful and groundbreaking online tools designed to further engage the American people in the political process this election by providing greater access to information and resources and making them easily accessible. McCainpedia is an electronic encyclopedia that provides the opportunity for anyoneto review the raw facts of McCain's record and then use it any way they choose.




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