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Text DEM to 69866

Dear BlueNC, the internet is passé. I'm venturing forth into the brave new world of SMS. I'm excited to announce that the North Carolina Democratic Party now has a system to send out text messages, and receive message back from you.

Ok, I know it's not that new, but it's new to me, and I'm hoping to really rock it. The best thing (in my mind) about SMS (text messaging) is that it crosses the digital divide. Plenty of folks with limited access to email have a cell phone on them nearly 24/7. So do me a favor. Two favors really:

1) Text DEM to 69866

2) Comment below to let me know how we can make the most of this. I don't know of a model for SMS campaigning, so if you have even the bare beginning of an idea please share it.

Open Thread: if a blogger falls in the forest does she make a sound?

There was no open thread so I made my own. Because I don't have to live like a refugee (I saw Tom Petty last Saturday).

I want to meet NC bloggers I haven't met yet.

I bet there are a lot of good blogs in North Carolina that ought to be more widely read.

I wonder how bloggers can reach out to a larger audience without having to spend all their time link-strumpeting.

I made this page so that bloggers could potentially find me. I don't know how exactly how they will find me, but at least the form is now there to be found:

McCain's Eight Most Inappropriate Jokes

Blatant cut and paste job:

If you've ever seen Ricky Gervais' BBC series, The Office (the overseas predecessor to the hit US show), you've already met David Brent. The miscreant man-in-charge is a serial joke-maker, though his workplace rubes almost always tend toward the inappropriate and insensitive.

The Conservative Movement

Yesterday I took my seat at the Civitas polling luncheon and began to chat with the other folks at the table. Turns out that the couple I sat down next to had come up from Wilmington specifically to attend the Take Back the State Rally, and that this was their first Civitas meeting. They heard about the rally from their WPTF affiliate, which had been promoting the event for several weeks.

The commentary part of the luncheon was like it always goes:

kind of a big deal

I think the expression "kind of a big deal" is really funny. It comes from the movie Anchorman, where the gregarious newscaster introduces himself as "I'm kind of a big deal."

Folks on MySpace and Facebook use the expression as a way to say "I think this important, maybe you will too" as opposed to "I will force you to recognize the inherent importance of this." At least I think that's what it signifies; I mean, it's a joke and all.

Any rate, I think this event will be cool, fun, and important. I'm going, and I hope you will too:

Progressive Blog Clips

I want to try to give an overview of the NC progressive blogosphere for the past week. While these are just my arbitrary opinions of what I thought to be interesting posts, please let me know what I missed and should have included.


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