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Hagan Campaign Volunteer Killed By Gunfire

Dennis Hayle, a senior from Hempsted N.Y. studying Political Science and Criminal Justice at NC A&T, was the victim of a shooting in Greensboro this past Sunday.

A highly involved member of the student body, Hayle is best remembered by some in the Greensboro community as an active volunteer for the Hagan Campaign. “Dennis was a motivated and dynamic young man who brought joy to those on our campaign. His tireless and selfless activism inspired those around him,” recalled campaign staffer Drew Ball.

Another staffer, Alexandra Fetissoff, commented, “Dennis always went above and beyond. He was eager to help train and answer questions from fellow volunteers. His conviction that Kay was the best person to lead North Carolina was so strong; he used his own belief to persuade people throughout the state.”

Hunger No More Invite

I wanted to pass this along for folks in the triangle. Sorry for the cut and paste.

Dear Fellow Advocates,

I am writing on behalf of my colleagues in the Franciscan Coalition to invite you to our upcoming conference entitled "Hunger No More."

Hunger is a pervasive problem in our world. We produce more than enough food to feed everyone across the globe, yet from Raleigh to Ramallah to Rio, people go to bed hungry.

The Franciscan Coalition knows hunger is a problem that can be solved if only we band together and demonstrate the will power to do so. That is why we have organized a major, interfaith, "green" summit to address this issue – and what people like us can do to solve it.

Richard Berman destroys the Silver Jews

The Silver Jews are a musical act of the rock and roll indie rock variety. You can listen to their music by clicking here.

Richard Berman is a scumbag.

His lobbying firm, Berman and Company, monthly invents a new astroturf organization to undermine the efforts of watchdog groups. Berman spends millions of dollars to mislead the public about the minimum wage, the dangers of smoking, obesity, mad cow disease, drunk driving, and other serious issues. Berman runs at least 15 organizations that have no actual membership, but are flush with corporate cash.

Alert from the North Carolina Human Relations Commission

The Community Relations Staff of the North Carolina Human Relations Commissional has noticed that in North Carolina since October 31, 2008, there have been 6 incidents reported to this office, four (4) incidents reported as hate crimes and two (2) incidents reported as hate bias incidents. Out of the six incidents reported, five (5) of the six incidents dealt with vandalism of Obama signs or derogatory public statements about him becoming the President-Elect.


Bumped and stickied to bring more attention to this. Important. Please read.

As you know, GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss failed to defeat state lawmaker Jim Martin in Georgia's Senate race.

Early voting in the runoff election begins this coming Monday, and election day itself is December 2nd.

The increasingly desperate GOP are redoubling their efforts to defame a popular Georgia Democrat. Taking a page out of Elizabeth Dole's godless playbook, Chambliss is accusing Martin of being in favor of child prostitution:


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