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Almost a month ago I published a Drupal powered website: Since then nearly 300 people have submitted an online "report card" for Senator Richard Burr and had a chance to share their opinion.

As you can guess, I have little love for Senator Burr myself. Sen. Burr followed President Bush's lead on nearly every issue, from dismantling Social Security to ignoring the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina to undermining our national security with the failed war on Iraq.

More recently Sen. Burr:

That said, I felt it would be more effective to give people a platform where they can share their opinions than to list my own (extensive) criticisms. So far, the results have been mixed. I'd like to list some of the challenges and opportunities and encourage you to participate by submitting your own grade.

18,000 Teachers to be Fired

This morning Rep. Tricia Cotham (D - Mecklenburg) hosted a conference call on North Carolina's budget.  The call included Charlotte area elected officials, teachers, advocates, clergy, and neighborhood leaders.

Three weeks ago our budget deficit was 3.3 billion dollars.  It was 4.2 billion dollars as of last Monday, and it is 4.6 billion dollars today.  This number will likely be revised again.

Conservatives, led by budget and policy experts like Joe the Plumber, have a solution for this problem.  Its the solution they have for most problems: cut public service and public servants

The "low-lights" of the proposed cuts are beneath the fold.


Last Monday progressives, civil rights leaders, unions, churches and business allies launched the Reform Immigration FOR America Campaign. Events were held in Raleigh and in Charlotte. And today was the first day of RI4A summit in Washington DC.

Our current immigration law creates a black market for labor. The consequences of this are dire. Because of the outdated system:

Leaving the Goodwin House

I wanted to let you all know that May was my last month as a member of the North Carolina Democratic Party staff.

For over two years I have helped the NCDP to administer the voter file, develop online infrastructure, and engage citizens via new media. I got an excellent education in how citizens and elected officials shape our state's future on a day to day basis. It was a great privilege to work with the NCDP's diverse and talented staff in such an historic election season.

April 11th: a Nest Egg Hunt in Raleigh

Atlas has shrugged. The Masters of the Universe have screwed up so badly that even with their massively disproportionate power and influence they can't hide their failure. The Ponzi scheme is over and the financial industry is so badly busted that they can't even manage to take possession of many of the homes they foreclosed on.

You have been directly injured by what these people have done, and what they continue to do. I'm really tempted to name names and go through the list of suffering- suffice to say that by my count two thirds of the active contributors to BlueNC have had their lives (and livelihoods) directly affected.

At a Crossroads

We are at a crossroads.

This week, Congress is working to pass the President's budget. The President included $634 billion in the budget as a down payment on health care reform. This is an historic commitment and a vital first step toward achieving quality, affordable health care for all in 2009. Put simply, Congress must pass a budget that funds health care if we want to enact comprehensive reform this year.

The budget fight has become, once again, highly partisan, and opposing forces will be turning out many thousands of calls this week. We don't want to be outdone with the future of change we really can believe in hanging in the balance.

Hitting the Road: Paid Sick Days Town Hall Meetings

Throughout March and April, and the NC Justice Center will be traversing the state and hosting Town Hall meetings in communities across North Carolina. These meetings will be to build support for NC's Campaign for Paid Sick Days, to hear from folks about their experiences with or without paid sick days, and to dialogue about this important issue.

Come join one of these town halls and please help spread the word.  To RSVP for any of the Paid Sick Days Town Hall meetings, contact Ajamu Dillahunt at or (919) 856-3194.

March 16: High Point Town Hall
Deep River Friends Meeting
5300 West Wendover Avenue, High Point, NC

March 19: Durham Town Hall
Durham Main Public Library

Intro of School Violence Prevention Act

Today Rep. Rick Glazier, Rep. Tricia Cotham, and Senator Julia Boseman announced the introduction of the School Violence Prevention Act in the NC House and Senate this week. Also known as the anti-bullying bill, this legislation will help make all students, including those who are LGBT, safer at school.

While this bill will establish an unambiguous stance against bullying by other students, it will also make it clear to educators and school employees that harassment is unacceptable. Senator Boseman, struggling to keep her composure, remembered "Jim McGraw Daniels, 14, died of an overdose after being bullied at school. By teachers." The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) strongly supports the legislation.

Check Yes to Elect Democrats!

Do you want to help ensure Democrats win in 2010?

What if one step was so simple it only required you to place a check mark on a form you already have to fill out?

This year, when you file your taxes, be sure to check off the Democratic Party under NC Political Parties Financing Fund.

Doing so won’t cost you one extra penny on your tax return or reduce your refund, and you’ll be helping to guarantee that Democrats across the state have the necessary funding to compete in 2010.

It's that simple.


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