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Jim Wallis thing on CNN: Faith Guiding Our Votes

There are very few moments when we have the opportunity to turn the eyes of the nation away from the three-ring circus that our electoral process resembles and onto the concerns of those whom Jesus called the "least of these."

Tonight is one of those moments, as Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama join us for a conversation about faith, values, and poverty broadcast live on CNN (7 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. Pacific). And in hundreds of churches and homes across the country, people of faith like you will be gathering to watch the candidates and help us issue a prophetic challenge to put poverty at the top of the political agenda.

It's not too late to join them -- click here to find a watch party in your area.

Jerry wanted to know what y'all think of this . . .

AN ACT to appropriate funds to the e‑nc authority to increase the availability of internet connectivity in underserved areas of the state through incentive grants, to provide additional funding for general operations, to expand the funding for the e‑nc business and technology telecenters program, and to provide incentives to e‑communities, local e‑government utilization program participants, and e‑commerce initiatives.

NCDP Online

So a couple months ago the NCDP hired this "Online Communications" person, and after three months on the job the NCDP website, which has previously been working just fine, mysteriously crashed . . .

I didn't actually break the website, but it is in fact broke. I'm trying to fix it, and having a hard time. Can y'all click over to it ( and tell me if it is doing anything weird?

Feel free to give general feedback as well, but mostly I'm looking for broken links, failure to render, slow performance, or other errors.

Help Request: Hammer Time

When I first started as Online Person for the NC Democratic Party, Anglico was nice enough to meet with me at his home. One of things he said that stuck with me was, loosely quoted: "It doesn't matter so much that you have the perfect message or theme to put out there, but that you stick with the same message, the same theme, the same set of values. Hammer away with that message, over and over, day after day, so people can have no doubt what you are saying."

I think this is a good idea. Particularly now that, to abuse a metaphor, the flip-flop is on the other foot. So what ideas should we, as Democrats, hammer away at?

Help Request: Where is Liddy?

help us find liddy

Hello BlueNC, I need your help.

I have reason to believe that Elizabeth Dole doesn't often visit North Carolina, that state she adopted in order to run for public office. I have heard rumors that she doesn't speak in public, doesn't talk with North Carolinians, and may even have a fragile understanding of the basic geography.


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