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Shuler: I am committed, along with my Blue Dog colleagues, to restoring fiscal restraint to the federal government.

Shuler Introduces Legislation to Strengthen Budget Process Transparency

Rep. Heath Shuler, together with his colleagues in the Blue Dog Coalition, today introduced legislation aimed at strengthening and increasing the transparency of the budget process. The Blue Dog Coalition, a group of 43 fiscally conservative Democrats, collectively crafted the resolution in an effort to begin the process of restoring fiscal accountability in the federal government.

"For the last six years President Bush and the Republicans in Congress recklessly increased spending, while driving our nation deeper into debt than ever before," said Rep. Shuler. "I am committed, along with my Blue Dog colleagues, to restoring fiscal restraint to the federal government. It is time we end this foolish borrow and spend policy once and for all."

Dole fully confident in Gonzales

Revealing her partisan allegiances, Elizabeth Dole today voted against a no-confidence vote on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales even though Gonzales is directly responsible for the mismanagement and politicization of the Justice Department.

Over the past few months, an increasing number of bipartisan calls have been made for Gonzales to resign because of his incompetent leadership as the nation’s Attorney General.

Mira Jones: The east is on the move!

“The East is on the move”, stated Eastern Political Director, Mira Jones, of the Eastern Regional Training this past Saturday. The State Party Chair Jerry Meek, Young Democrats President Zack Hawkins, and 1st Congressional District Chair Don Davis were all in attendance. Zack Hawkins and Don Davis led sessions on recruiting, retention, and outreach to volunteers needed to develop, and build the county parties. Jerry Meek presented on fundraising - how to capture the resources needed to support grassroots activity. The following are reactions to the training:

Historic Democratic Accomplishments

From creating and protecting Social Security to the most successful deficit reduction plan in history, from the 8 hour workday to the Clean Water Act, from the Louisiana Purchase to the Voting Rights Act, America's proudest moments are a legacy of Democratic values and principles.

View more historic accomplishments of Democrats here.

And after you do, please let me know other accomplishments we should be touting. What Democratic reforms are you proud of?

Press Release: Bill to Block Funds for OLF in Washington Co. Moves to House Floor

Price, Butterfield Worked to Include the Prohibition in the Bill

A key House committee today approved a bill that would block funding for the Navy's plan to locate an Outlying Landing Field (OLF) in Washington County, NC. The site has raised objections from the surrounding communities, environmentalists, sportsmen, and numerous state and local leaders.

Dorsett touts NC’s new cancer-prevention law

North Carolina’s new cervical cancer prevention law will help ensure that parents get the information they need about the disease, its causes and related vaccines, Sen. Katie Dorsett said today.

“It is our responsibility to make sure that families have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their children’s health,” Dorsett said. “I am confident that this law will help prevent cancer through better awareness and education.”


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