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An Attack on the Left

North Carolinians have been warning out of state folks for months that Cal Cunningham isn’t the progressive savior his DC-run campaign would claim. Never has that been more obvious than today when he flip-flopped on EFCA.

AP -

Cal Cunningham said in an interview with The Associated Press that he supports elections as the sole way for there to be unions created, but opposed so-called "card check" organizing. He clarified in a later interview that he would be open to hearing arguments about "card check" but felt it could not pass. The labor-backed idea would allow workers to form a union by signing cards instead of by secret ballot.

BlueNC gets a shout out

If you can suffer through the puppetshow at the beginning, there is a nice short BlueNC shout out in the middle of this Stateline article.

Making room in the statehouse press tent
By Melissa Maynard, Staff Writer

In the mid-90s, a reporter from the Carolina Journal Online was briefly admitted and then ejected from the North Carolina statehouse press corps, which issues the passes. A legislator had complained that the news outlet’s parent organization, the John Locke Foundation, had partisan conservative leanings and its primary purpose wasn’t gathering news.

Lake Research Partners poll

Lake Research is showing Secretary of State Elaine Marshall with a double-digit lead:

The Lake Research Partners poll shows her [Elaine Marshall] with 31 percent support, compared to 5 percent for Cal Cunningham, 4 percent for Ken Lewis, 3 percent for Marcus Williams and 1 percent for John Hendrix. However, 56 percent of the voters are undecided.

General election polls show Elaine is the best candidate to challenge Burr in November. In a head to head match-ups Elaine performs better than her DC backed rival. Those familiar with both the Secretary of State and Senate Burr prefer Elaine 5 to 4.

Elaine Marshall and Young Democrats

Young Democrats are working hard as part of Secretary of State Elaine Marshall's campaign to unseat Richard Burr.

Elaine is a previous Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) National Committee Woman and is the former National Secretary of Young Democrats of America (YDA). 

She was one of the first Board of Trustee members for YDNC. She assisted YDNC in expanding our Board of Trustees and has spoken in support of the Young Democrats at fundraising events. She has been a constant presence at YDNC, College Democrats, and Teen Democratic events. In 2009 she spoke at the YDNC convention, and keynoted the Teen Democrats yearly meeting.

More importantly, her work as Secretary of State has improved the lives and increased the opportunities for young people.

Cherokees fight Duke Energy substation near sacred site in North Carolina

cross posted with permission for the Institute for Southern Studies

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is fighting an electric substation that Duke Energy plans to build near Kituwah, the site of a sacred mound near the Tuckasegee River in western North Carolina. Kituwah (in photo below) is considered the Cherokee mother town, believed to have been inhabited for nearly 10,000 years and long used as a center for religious rituals.

A discussion of the substation project is scheduled to be on the agenda at tonight's meeting of the Swain County Commission in Bryson City, N.C. On February 4, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Council passed a resolution formally opposing the project, which will disrupt the view of the mountains surrounding the sacred site. The substation would be only about 200 yards from Kituwah.

An Important Investment Opportunity

We are seeking investors for our new offering - - the web's one-stop shopping site for political influence in Washington and all 50 states.

Our business will focus on peddling influence to foreign interests who were barred from contributing to U.S. political campaigns until the Supreme Court's recent Citizens United v. FEC decision.

NC Haiti Action

More than ever before, the people of Haiti desperately need your help.

The Institute for Southern Studies has launched NC Haiti Action, a campaign to mobilize the North Carolina community to raise at least $1,000 in 24 hours for critical medical and other relief. Join North Carolina and the Institute in providing much needed assistance to the people of Haiti.

TCOT prepares for war

#TCOT is a twitter hashtag used on twitter to organize "Top Conservatives on Twitter."

If you do a search for #tcot on twitter, you get a firehose of right-wing extremism and snark. It's not that useful to search #tcot by itself because there is way too much to possibly be able to consume - in the time it takes me to write this sentence there have been over 75 new messages posted.

But if you search a topic or a phrase along with "#tcot" you can get snapshot of what GOP talking points conservative activists are promoting.

Perhaps we wrote off Kissell too soon?

While some national organizations have Larry Kissell listed as in the pocket of the insurance industry, when I contacted North Carolina Health Care of for American Now they said that they haven't given up on Rep. Kissell to do the right thing.

NC HCAN believes that Kissell may misunderstand the bill's impact on Medicare. If we can get the word out that the AARP supports health insurance reform precisely because it will not take money away from Medicare, we may be able to convince Kissell to support his constituent and campaign supporters.


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