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Got an Old Backpack?

Donate an Old Backpack to the Send Silence Packing Campaign
and Help Support College Student Mental Health

Suicide claims the life of over 1,100 college students each year*, and the impact of each one of those deaths touches us all. Active Minds, Inc., the only national organization dedicated to utilizing the student voice to raise mental health awareness on the college campus, is embarking on an aggressive campaign to promote a dialogue about mental health issues on campus and combat the incidence of student suicide. By empowering students and the student voice in mental health awareness, we envision one day when mental health issues are widely discussed, and the number of these tragic deaths is reduced to 0.

Auditor Wanted

Editorial, Charlotte Observer

Les Merritt appears to be having a hard time understanding that voters in 2004 elected him to be N.C. State Auditor -- not State Auditor and Private Financial Adviser, and not State Auditor and Four Oaks Bank Board Member.

Mr. Merritt, a Republican, did step out of his investment adviser business after a flap over his divided loyalties, but when political watchdog Joe Sinsheimer questioned his decision to be a director of Four Oaks Bank in Zebulon, Auditor Merritt said he would accept no money from the bank and intended to remain on the board.

Front-paged by Anglico

If you have friends in Oregon: Stop Gordon Smith

Front-paged at the request of a friend of a friend who's working hard on this initiative. A

Marc Siegal, who I believe used to work for the NCDP, asked us to help spread the word about an initiative of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO).

If you're like me, you have an only sister living in Oregon, so here goes:

DPO's vehicle for educating people about Gordon Smith and spurring action is the Stop Gordon Smith website, and for this Labor Day week they are asking you to "Be the Voice:"

Let's work together this Labor Day Week to put U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith out of a job.

YDNC USO Day and Canvass

YDNC is proud to announce our first state-wide USO Day, which will take place on September 8, 2007 from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm at four different locations across NC. This event is open to everyone who supports our troops and the Democratic Party. The purpose of this day is two-fold. First, we wish to honor our military men and women and their families through contributions to the USO. Second, we want to use this day to go door to door across NC to help turn it blue. We want to kickoff our 2007 Campaign Season with a day of service to the community and a day of service to the Democratic Party.

YDNC and the NC Federation of College Democrats have established five locations across the state that will have simultaneous presentations to USO representatives beginning at 10:00 am. After the presentation, we will switch into rally mode, where we will hear from various members of YDNC and from elected Democrats and those running in the upcoming municipal elections. After the short rally and lunch (which will be provided for all participants), we will have a Get Out the Vote training followed by a door to door canvass of between 2,000 and 3,000 homes.

Run Romney Run

As smooth-talking Mitt Romney dashes into North Carolina today for a fundraiser, he has a new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire that stumbles on the perfect metaphor for his campaign: Romney running.

His latest dash is away from embattled U.S. Senator Larry E. Craig.

While other Republicans, including GOP presidential rival John McCain, are calling for Craig to resign, Romney has yet to give the same advice to the man who served as his campaign’s co-chairman in the Senate.

But that’s not the only thing Romney is running from.

Two Years After Katrina

On the second anniversary of the day Hurricane Katrina ravaged American homes, devastated communities and shattered lives, it is hard to forget the failure of the Bush Administration in responding to the disaster.

President Bush promised two weeks after the storm that “when communities are rebuilt, they must be even better and stronger than before the storm.”

That promise remains unfulfilled.

Gonzales Resignation Doesn’t Signal the End of GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

Throughout his tenure, Alberto Gonzales has allowed political gamesmanship to drive the US Justice Department, an agency that has enormous power to jail people, destroy reputations, and affect the outcome of elections.

In addition to the firing of nine US attorneys and the use of warrantless wiretaps in the war on terror, Gonzales also assisted in a five-year Republican campaign to pursue restrictive voter ID laws that would disproportionately disenfranchise minority, senior, student, and disabled voters.

That legacy of voter suppression extends to North Carolina, where Republican State Auditor Les Merritt trumped up earlier this year unsubstantiated charges of voter fraud to discourage eligible voters from going to the polls.

“The North Carolina Democratic Party is pleased that the Bush Administration’s exit strategy includes the resignation of Alberto Gonzales,” said NCDP Chair Jerry Meek. “But while we’re throwing out the bad apples and restoring integrity to the electoral process, Mr. Les Merritt should be the next to go.”

Hardy and College Dems Call Burr Out

Bradley Hardy, NC Federation of College Democrats

A group of UNC-Asheville students challenged on Wednesday Republican Sen. Richard Burr’s hypocrisy while he was on their campus to promote faith-based initiatives and advise local churches on how to receive money from the federal government.

The students took their tuition bills and textbook receipts to Burr to remind him of the financial burden that college students face and ask why he didn’t believe they deserved some relief.

The protest was organized through Facebook, an Internet social networking group, and covered by the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Earlier this year, Burr had an opportunity to help make education more affordable for millions of college students by voting for Senate Bill 1762, “The Higher Education Access Act”.

But once again, Burr chose special interests over the needs of his own constituents.

Empty Rhetoric: President Bush on Iraq

Today, President Bush used yet another historical comparison to try to boost sagging support for his Iraq War strategy. But no matter what comparison he uses, it does not change the fact that Iraq is going through its bloodiest summer yet, the Iraqis are no closer to political reconciliation and the President’s Iraq policy is not working. The President is also using this new rhetoric to avoid talking with the VFW about the major failures in providing care for veterans that have occurred on his watch.


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