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GOP wants to take NC back … all the way to 1876

Article written by Jerimee Richir and Kate Neely

As Republicans in South Carolina celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Confederacy over the holidays, the North Carolina GOP took a slightly more modern approach to rolling back civil rights. Well, if you consider 1876 modern. The NC GOP is pushing to reinstate one of the hallmarks of the Jim Crow laws: the poll tax.

Thinly veiled as a measure to prevent voter fraud, the voter ID is a poll tax by another name. GOP members of the incoming NC General Assembly are trumpeting the measure as their main legislative priority. This increase of government control is a complete reversal from the limited government platforms on which many North Carolina Republicans campaigned.

Progressive Kick for Glazier, Weiss, and Keever

A quick note about an important effort to promote and reward true progressives in North Carolina:

Between now and Oct. 10th, Progressive Kick will match dollar-for-dollar, all contributions given to these candidates through our Win Big by Thinking Small ActBlue page, up to $4,000 per candidate in North Carolina. That's a tremendous opportunity for us to double our efforts at building real leadership within the North Carolina Democratic Party.

You can learn more from our website and our ActBlue page:

NC was one of only six states to be targeted by Progressive Kick. The criteria? Candidates that are clearly progressive, in close but winnable races, and in a state where congressional redistricting is at stake.

Labor Day: Honoring Labor in the South

Cross-posted from an article by Chris Kromm on Facing South

When Glenn Beck decided to hold his "Restoring Honor" rally last week at the very site in Washington, D.C. where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech, the Fox commentator's dubious attempt to draw parallels between his right-wing agenda and King's quite different vision was blasted by civil rights veterans.

Photos from NAACP March in Raleigh Today

Today over 700 people took to the streets in downtown Raleigh to protest the specter of segregation raised by Republican members of the Wake County School Board.

This public mass non-violent demonstration led by the NC NAACP formed against the dismantling of the nationally acclaimed socio-economic student assignment plan by the new anti-diversity caucus of the Wake County Board of Education. Marchers demanded that Wake County Schools and all school districts in North Carolina provide a constitutional, high quality, well-funded, diverse school for every child.

A strange endorsement

As an Elaine Marshall supporter, I'm jealous that corporate lawyer Cal Cunningham was able to win the endorsement of Ann Worthy, who got 4% of the vote in the open Senate primary. No doubt Worthy would have received a greater share of the vote without the inappropriate involvement of the DSCC.

However, Cunningham's campaign paired Worthy's endorsement along side the endorsement of Susan Harris, an arch-conservative from Western NC. This is a strange endorsement for Cunningham to seek out, and seek out he must have, for Susan Harris is something of a recluse.

Ken is Speaking Truth to Power

Ken Lewis, a progressive candidate running for the Democratic nomination to defeat Sen. Richard Burr, has called upon the members of the North Carolina Banking Commission to be accountable for their approval of bank bonuses in 2009.

As our economy collapsed, in large part due to the irresponsibility of banks and bank regulators, the NC Banking Commission approved massive cash bonuses for industry executives. Only because of leadership from the North Carolina General Assembly were those who lead our economy off a cliff not rewarded for doing so.

Cal Cunningham has sought to escape accountability for his vote to approve bonuses for bankers. Both he and his senior strategist Scott Falmlen are members of the NC Banking Commission. Not only was Cunningham present on the call, his senior strategist was the first to move for approval of the bonuses.

Civil Rights Leader Dallas Woodhouse Makes an Endorsement

You know who Americans for Prosperity are right? They tried to privatize social security, tried to defeat health care, supported segregation in Wake County, helped to organize the Tea Party (mostly by paying people), etc. etc.

When Dallas Woodhouse goes around the state attacking workers, government, and everything in between, he likes to describe himself as a "Civil Rights leader." Maybe he went to school in Texas or doesn't know what people had to endure to earn that title, but that's what he calls himself and I'll let him wear his Napoleon hat if it makes him happy.

Any rate, he has made an endorsement in North Carolina's Democratic Senate Primary!

Americans for Prosperity Praises Cal Cunningham's Brave Stand for Worker Rights


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