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Gov. Cooper to Resident Trump: We're waiting for answers.

Looks like Governor Cooper is holding firm on hosting a safe convention. Very glad to see this clear, solid letter to the RNC.

Day 73

One of three scenarios will emerge as the dominant race-war narrative over the next few weeks.

1. Violence and destruction is mostly the result of white people trying to stir up a race war.

2. Violence and destruction is mostly the result of black people who are fed up from being terrorized by white people and, especially, police departments.

3. Both sides are equally guilty of causing violence and destruction.

Which do you think it will be?

Day 71

Jack Dorsey needs to remove Trump from Twitter. He's promoting death threats and violence, which for any other person on Twitter would mean automatic banning. It's not that hard, Jack, just use the algorithm that's in place for millions of other users.

Day 70

Our daughter is home for a while, so we're having to work through how to "be" together. What's safe? What's ridiculous? Hard stuff. We don't think she's been exposed, but you never know. She has no symptoms and testing is inconclusive (and painful). Figuring it all out isn't as easy as "do this" and "don't do that."

One thing I wonder about is masks, which seem central to Covid 19 containment.

Day whatever

A day of mourning for me, so many things lost I can’t even begin to explain. Deepest and special thoughts for my daughter. She’s on the spectrum and is having more than her fair share of trials and tribulations.

Day 64

Dandy Forest is all a-twitter about reopening NC, even as data point to the possibility of a second C19 spike. A good Washington Post article on this today. The lag between the reopening frenzy and people dying will be a couple of months. “We’re looking at potentially a month or two later that we’re going to see the impact” of the reopening, said Leana Wen, the former Baltimore health commissioner. “You have not seen the impact of reopening yet. I think there’s going to be a very significant lag.”

Day 61

Every time I think Dandy Forest has reached the lowest of lows, he surprises me by wading deeper into the Trump sewer of lies and narcissistic bullshit. Today Dandy's blaming North Carolina's unemployment clusterfuck on Governor Cooper instead of where the fault really belongs: At the feet of Phil Berger and Timmy Moore. The lie is bald-faced and the hypocrisy behind the lie is exactly what we've come to expect from our hapless lieutenant governor. If you like the destruction of America at the hands of Donald F. Trump, you're going to love the chaos and incompetence of Dandy Dan Forest.


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