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Military Madness 3/06

My father was a US Navy hospital corpsman for 23 years. He took a bullet in the back in Korea, recovered physically, and eventually took another bullet by his own hand after years of depression. He was a proud sailor and strong proponent of national defense.

He would be pissed as hell to see Republican politicians using men in uniform as window-dressing for their political and fundraising events as shown in the picture with this article.

Josh Marshall covers the story here . . . and points out that the offensive winger practice is not just bad taste - it's also illegal.

One more definition . . . hillbilly

This story is all over the wires . . . the sort of soft AP news that little papers and websites love to pick up. I grabbed this from Kentucky.com.

Encyclopedia of Appalachia tackles 'hillbilly' stereotype

Encyclopedia of Appalachia co-editor Rudy Abramson wanted a reference book that went beyond the stereotypical images of hillbillies and poverty.

"The place has this reputation of being just a different nation of poor people and strip mines and that sort of thing," said Abramson, an Alabama native and retired Washington correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.

Puppet Master

Can you name the Puppet Master . . . the man pulling the strings behind these wonderful fellows? John Hood. George Leef. Some white guy. Shannon Blosser. Just four of the voices singing the praises all things reactionary.

Vermont county initiates impeachment. Now it's our turn.

News yesterday from Vermont suggests the possibility of driving impeachment forward from the county and local level. Here's the Daily Kos diary covering the issue. The resolution below has the key paragraph bolded. Perhaps our local elected officials would like to take a similar action and push it to our dear representatives in Raleigh.

Military Madness 3/1/06

I learned today that the United States Marine Corps is blocking internet sites with content critical of Bush's War in Iraq. If you're a reporter interested in freedom of the press or just an individual citizen dedicated to an honest, professional military, this should scare the shit out of you. As we watch support for BushCo among men and women on active duty plummet, this reaction is perfectly predictable from our KGB government. What better way to keep up morale than allowing warfighters to hear nothing but the party line from the Bushbots running the Department of Defense.

Any person on active duty in North Carolina should be outraged about this kind of censorship. And if you're not, well, you'll get what you deserve. Because Bush is going to keep playing wartime president, sending you and your buddies into conflict, not giving a shit if you die or lose your arms or lose your mind. You, dear soldier, are totally fucked. It's times like that that I'm embarrassed that I ever wore a uniform with pride.

Dear women

Republished from 2006.

When March was declared Women's History Month by Congress in 1987, our nation created an opportunity to celebrate women's past accomplishments and, perhaps more important, inspire their future. Because if there's any hope for grace in this world, it will surely come through the leadership of women.

Men have made messes of so many things -- that is what men do. And this particular man has had enough. So on this first day of Woman's History Month, I have a request for women everywhere.

Will you please take over?

I don't deny that some men are good at some things, but peace and harmony are not our strong suit. The big stories of life in this century are the stories of male violence, of men smiling and shaking hands with one another while civilization collapses into rubble around them.


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