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Despite what Chairman Marfussssss has to say about my back-sliding heretical ways, I do find a certain peace in acts of contrition. They are good for the soul.

I apologize to Chairman Marfusssss for saying he's disgusting.
I apologize to the young Pope puppet for making fun of his Carolina Journal story today.
I apologize to the person at the airport for getting mad when he wouldn't let me on the plane that was still sitting at the jetway.
I apologize to my wonderful wife for spending too much time in blogland.
I apologize for wishing the US military would stage a coup.
I apologize to the earth for driving 40 miles today in a car by myself.

Capstrat Does Letterman

Sometimes the company I work for knocks my socks off . . . as it did last night when our Chief Creative Officer and a Senior Designer were featured on David Letterman's show in a fabulous example of viral marketing. Follow the link and see just what happens in the inner workings and hidden cracks of big-time public relations. Be sure to click on one of the top links to see the whole clip.

Capstrat Does Letterman

Holy Bible Batman

As a back-sliding Baptist I feel fully entitled to comment on all things religious, including the latest move by a collection of Greenboro theocrats to get the Bible included as a textbook in public schools. Special thanks to the Pope Puppets for bringing this to our attention this morning.

I'm all in favor of any school that wants to include the Bible in its classroom, but I object mightly to the term "textbook" to describe how it might be used. The Bible is a magnificent work of fiction, pure and simple, as almost any serious biblical scholor will agree. And if you need any proof, go read Misquoting Jesus by UNC professor Bart Ehrman.

Kent Kanoy: On the record

“The purpose of my campaign is to give a voice to those who believe that the Bush administration has committed high crimes and misdemeanors which threaten our privacy, our liberties, and the very Constitution itself.”

—Kent Kanoy, 4th District Congressional Candidate

Kent Kanoy is challenging Congressman David Price in North Carolina's 4th Congressional District. He was kind enough to allow BlueNC to interview him about the journey he's undertaking.


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