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Marriage News Watch and the last week of early voting

The nation's eyes are on North Carolina during this final week of the primary. Many marriage discrimination and equality battles are pending for November. We get to set the stage. If a southern state defeats this discrimination, then all the anti-discrimination campaigns will have a legitimate claim to viability, which is key for recruiting talented staff, volunteers, and donors. To steal a line from HKonJ, this is a movement, not a moment.

Election alert from Democracy NC!

After this latest round of radical redistricting, we're not in Kansas any more, and we may not even be in our old districts either.

Election Alert: Preview Your Ballot Before Voting!

You may be surprised by the names you see on the ballot in this election – especially if you’re among the millions of North Carolina voters with new General Assembly and Congressional districts.

You may even get the wrong ballot – but how will you know!?!

Marriage News Watch

North Carolina is featured in this week's Marriage News Watch because early voting has begun in North Carolina. In fact, it started last week on the 19th, but for many counties around the state the full slate of early voting sites waited to open until this week. Do you know where your early voting site is?

ECU against the amendment

As I mentioned in a recent blog entry, I was very excited to see the Greenville City Council come out against the discriminatory amendment one! But that doesn't mean a lot unless we turn it into votes against the amendment. So I wanted to give a warm invite to anyone who can help us out with this on campus anti-amendment event at ECU on Tuesday. They only have on campus voting for 1 week, so we have to make the most of it!

Hear about HAVA

NC Policy Watch has the story. Listen to SBOE Director Gary Bartlett discuss why we need the Help America Vote Act funds released. If you want to hear some strong arguments for why these funds should be released, along with the numbers to back those arguments up right from the horses mouth, then listen to this clip, and share it too!

When he talks about the millions upon millions this huge general election is going to cost us, it seems almost inconceivable that we'd turn down $4 million for our state from the feds. And even more inconceivable that we'd put that burden on the already strapped budget of our counties.

Greenville comes out against amendment one!

I'm just back from a Greenville City Council meeting where the council took up the issue of amendment one, and where many students, members of the general public, and myself spoke out against the amendment. The council voted by a strong majority to oppose the hateful, discriminatory, and overreaching amendment one.

Reasons varied from supporting equality, opposing discrimination, keeping government overreach out of our lives, and protecting domestic violence victims. During the budget discussion leading up to the amendment resolution vote, Greenville was referred to as North Carolina's jewel of the east. Tonight they lived up to that reputation.

Marriage News Watch

Here's this week's installment of Marriage News Watch. It highlights some scary poll numbers for NC, but also highlights help from unlikely places. Only 3 weeks until early voting starts. Support Protect NC Families money bomb happening this week only. We've got to get onto the air to change those numbers.


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