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The race I'll be sweating tomorrow

I'll be sweating this race because I've seen a lot of polls all within the margin in this essentially tied race. I was reading a poll today that lists 8% of North Carolinians as having already voted and as still undecided on the Lt. Governor race. Usually we think of voter drop off happening at the nonpartisan races, but even this is a race where it can happen. Make sure your friends know you're voting for Coleman. If you need a reason why, then please check out and share this Q-Notes article.

But it is Linda Coleman, former state House member and former director of the Office of State Personnel, who might find herself the lone Democratic officer among a sea of Republican lawmakers. Coleman could also become the highest-ranking LGBT-friendly elected official in Raleigh.

Election Day activity in Elizabeth City

I wanted to share this event with my friends at Blue NC because I feel like our coastal friends in north eastern NC don't always get a lot of attention in the blogosphere or in statewide news in general. But it's a nice area, not too far from the beach, full of good folks, and has one of North Carolina's 16 public universities with Elizabeth City State University. I've been there a few times, and first saw it during a NAACP poverty tour. And this Tuesday it will be host to a multi-organization get out the vote event.

Marriage on the ballot on both coasts and places in between

Several states have marriage on the ballot, several of these races are close, and it may be our first victory with marriage at the ballot box (not that civil rights should be voted on). The President has come out on the side of equality in each of these states, and Romney is supporting a federal marriage discrimination amendment. It's hard to imagine a starker difference.

Marriage News Watch one month out

After North Carolina went through the pain of a marriage vote earlier this year, I feel for those going through it in other states in just under a month. Maryland, Maine, and Washington are all fighting for marriage equality, and Minnesota is fighting against a discriminatory amendment just like we faced.

I like the polling the I've seen for Maine and Washington, but for Maryland and Minnesota it's tight. I know with so many important races in North Carolina that's hard to give any more, especially out of state. Maryland is close enough that it feels real. I know people from our Mid-Atlantic neighbor a few states north. If you can give to the equality effort there, you can do so by clicking here.

North Carolina Pride 2012 - Saturday, September 29th

Though I've only been writing up NC Pride blogs here at Blue NC for about 4 years, this annual celebration has reached its 28th year (coincidentally so have I). And I think it is going to be a special year. We have cause both to mourn and celebrate. It's the first Pride since amendment one passed. But it's also the first Pride since the President and the Democratic Party Platform came out in support of marriage equality (the same President in charge of appointing SCOTUS members who will ultimately decide on this issue). I for one am ready to get to work, knowing that voting starts in 3 weeks, to elect pro-equality candidates. Equality NC's voter guide can help you find out who they are.

Greenville city council passes the anti-Citizens United resolution!

You may remember reading about all the hard work the Democracy Summer internship teams did over the summer. In particular one project the Greenville team took on was to rally public support and meet with a majority of the City Council members to educate them about the anti-Citizens United resolution. Through their hard work over the summer, last night we won the milestone 10th city in North Carolina to pass this resolution, and the first east of 95!

Marriage News Watch

It looks like some big news relating to marriage equality could come out next month based on what cases SCOTUS decides to take and what decisions they let stand. Check out this weeks Marriage News Watch for the details. Meanwhile the RNC is busy adding bigotry into their platform as the DNC adds marriage equality to theirs in Charlotte next week.

Final week of Democracy Summer

This clip is from the final week's blog from our Triad Team:

Through my work with Democracy NC, I have seen my worth. I plan to continue to engage others students on my campus in our work—the work of democracy. This experience would have been nothing without the mentoring and love of Linda Sutton and the companionship of Tyshia Gray.

- Keren Salim
Triad Team

Penultimate week of Democracy Summer

Greenville Team: "(Nearly) Closing Thoughts"

It’s been a long, fun, productive summer, and I’m taking time to reflect on what I’ve learned, both about organizing and myself. We’re gearing up for a busy final week!

Fayetteville Team: "Raising Voter Turnout in Cumberland County"

My efforts to raise voter turnout all across the southeastern region have been dynamic, creative, and borderline exhaustive.

Charlotte Team: "Some Good Things Come to an End, but Greater Things Arise"

As we have reached the home stretch of our Democracy Summer experience, there lingers this sense of “sadness” amidst the enthusiasm and excitement of each day.


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