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Bernie Sanders and NCDP

Nothing for nothing, I like Sen. Bernie Sanders, but he is not a Democrat, he is an independent. Yet the state party spends money given to support democrats to promote an event featuring Bernie Sanders.

Would this money not have been better spent supporting North Carolina democrats instead of promoting an event by a Vermont independent?

As hard as money is to come by this cycle, what are the people in Goodwin House thinking, or are they?

Virginia Democrats pick new ED

A nice piece from the Virginia Pilot.

I wonder what Terry Mcauliffe, former DNC chair and Gov. of Virginia sees that the simpletons of Hillsborough St. missed?

Has to make me wonder.

Virginia Democrats pick new executive director

Sources said Friday the state Democratic Party has chosen as its new executive director veteran political hand Robert Dempsey -- he recently held the same role for the North Carolina party -- barely one week after Virginia's Republican Party picked a new staff leader.


Dempsey parachutes into Virginia after being unceremoniously dumped in February by the Democratic chairman of a North Carolina state party in disarray, The News & Observer newspaper reported roughly two months ago.

Sometime you just got to vent

Today I got an e-mail from " Bold Progressives" telling me I needed to

1. Send them money

2. Sign up to make phone calls and canvas for them.

I get 5 or 6 of these daily but today this one just rubbed me wrong.
So I hit reply.

Please let me know if you think I overreacted.

That is all well and good. I just got home from helping to host a function for Eric Anderson , running in the North Carolina 3rd. against Walter Jones. Would you please let me know what your group is doing to help Eric?

I am a member of the NC State Executive Committee and the 3rd district rep to State party council of review. I am also an elector for the President if he wins North Carolina.

Guess who's coming to dinner with the Crystal Coast Tea Party?

The Wrong Rev. Terry Jones will be speaking in Morehead City on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 to the Crystal Coast Tea Party. Here is a link to the newspaper story in Sunday's Carteret County News Times announcing the event.

If anybody wants to come help protest this affront to decent people everywhere, come on down to the Crystal Coast, we will be glad to have ya.

Andy Griffith

The reason Mayberry was so real to so many is that we had lived and grown up in places like it. We knew a Barney, Aunt Bea, and Otis. Been to a barber shop like Floyd's. Knew Goober.
But Andy's greatest gift to North Carolina and the rest of the south was the positive face that he put on the small town south in a very difficult time in our history. He allowed the rest of the country to see the better angels of our nature in a time of George Wallace , Strom Thurman and Bull Conner.
Thank you Andy and God bless.


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