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Monuments to white supremacy

Republican members of the North Carolina General Assembly offer misleading rationalizations for legislation with which they wish to protect monuments to racism from being either moved or removed altogether.
They make the transparent argument that protection of "patriotic" monuments in general is their goal.
Yet Confederate monuments were under fire in April when the legislation was approved by the #NCGA Senate and no other monuments were or are now at risk.

Voter ID may in fact reduce the GOP-targeted turnout

Greensboro News and Record editorial writer Doug Clark called Myers Park Pat McCrory out for making a pitch for voter ID that "is phony, contrived, calculated to arouse the gullible."

The barrage of false arguments made on McCrory's behalf include not only false comparisons between requiring a photo id to vote and for check cashing, but also includes an attempt to raise ACORN and its voter registration drives from the dead.

The election-day specter ACORN raises for the Republican right to whom this McCrory campaign is apparently pitched, is of higher turnout among voters hostile to the GOP, among them, black voters in general. The political calculus is clear. The latest Public Policy Polling results indicate that 68% of them favor incumbent Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue, while only 12% favor McCrory.

N&O spins up a Billy Graham Jr. blessing for Sarah Palin

Today the News & Observer says Palin gets [Billy] Graham [Jr.'s} blessing and Baptist Planet responds:

The N&O spin was drummed up out of son Franklin Graham’s statement to The Charlotte Observer that his father has “followed her career and likes her strong stand on faith. Daddy feels God was using her to wake America up.”

Which seems too circumspect by far to be called a “blessing” from the Billy Graham Jr. we’ve all heard shake the foundations from pulpits around the world.


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