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Taylor Campaign Fights to Regain Credibility - Part Two, HR 4437

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCongressman Charles Taylor is on his heels in the campaign for North Carolina's eleventh district. Questions regarding his financial irregularities are cropping up today after a week in which Taylor has had to explain and reexplain his position on the forest selloff. The credibility crisis in the Taylor camp is rising just as the debate over immigration heats up on Capitol Hill, and Charles Taylor's far right wing view on the issue aligns him with the most extreme elements in the House.

ACTION ALERT: Fully Fund Education and Health

Call Members of the House Budget Committee and Urge Them to Vote for the DeLauro Amendment

ACTION NEEDED: If your Representative serves on the House Budget Committee (see list below), call him/her TODAY and urge him/her to vote for the DeLauro amendment to the FY 2007 Budget Resolution. This amendment would increase overall spending on education and health programs by $7 billion above President Bush's request for fiscal year (FY) 2007. The House Budget Committee will begin consideration of the Budget Resolution on Wednesday March 29 at 10:30 a.m.

Taylor Campaign Fights to Regain Credibility - Part One, the Forest Selloff

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After a weekend in which Charles Taylor's campaign went into a credibility tailspin, they've sent out an email to try to salvage Taylor's reputation. On Friday, March 24 The Southern Dem and the Macon County News reported that Taylor's statement regarding his opposition to the forest selloff was no longer reliably operable. USFS Chief Dale Bosworth said that Taylor hadn't told him that the plan "was not going to happen". The story showed up at Daily Kos, MyDD, and BlueNC.

Today, Scrutiny Hooligans detailed the credibility crisis overtaking the Taylor campaign. Seven short hours later, Taylor's campaign released their weekly emailing, "Capitol Connection" (sorry no link, sign up here). The first statement, bringing back echoes of his botched CAFTA vote, lets us know that he's even more against it than he was before (emphasis Taylor's):
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"Today, I sent a letter to my colleague Jim Nussle, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, sharing that same opposition with him - and asking that he reject any attempts to include the proposal as part of the Fiscal Year 2007 Congressional Budget Resolution."

Deborah Potter Hearts Screwy Hoolie

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John Armor, Republican candidate for Congress against Charles Taylor in North Carolina's 11th district, sent an open letter to the media in response to a Taylor camp "whisper campaign". The letter lambasts Taylor's press secretary, Deborah Potter, for misrepresenting him in an email she sent to Armor friend, Don Yelton.


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