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Republic's Patron Saint McSame to offer more of the Same

I know that this is a North Carolina blog, but this situation has my blood boiling and I thought I would share my thoughts with your regarding the news from the John McCain camp. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Well, Saint McSame has some good news and some bad news for Americans. I would love to do a "first the good news and then the bad news" sort of diary, but with McSame, it is all bad news for those of us that pay attention to current events once again.

From CNN:

An end to earmarks, a gas-tax holiday, government-backed mortgages -- they're all part of GOP Sen. John McCain's "big and ambitious" plan to revive a flailing economy, a top aide said Tuesday.

Corporate Welfare. You as an individual simply don't count.

Just a short note to everyone regarding the buyout of Bear Stearns by the American government, er, J.P. Morgan.

Yes, I know you heard that J.P. Morgan bought them for approximately $2.00 per share. The stock for this company was trading one year ago today at $159.36 per share.

The stock was trading for $62.00 one week ago today.

Thanks, from the Navy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. My Dad said if I wanted to I could tell you something here. I just got home last week from a cruise to and from the Persian Gulf and my Dad has shown me the stuff he wrote about our cruise here. I got to read what you wrote back and you guys are really nice.

Our Navy son and his shipmates are home!

On Wednesday, we went onto the naval base in Norfolk, VA to meet and greet our son who has been sailing on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) in the Persian Gulf for the last 7 months. They were part of a strike group that I suppose was Deadeye Dick and GWB's whet dream of bombing Iran when and if they could find any excuse to do so.

GOOOOOOOOOD Morning, North Carolina!

Isn't this a beautiful morning, North Carolina? The sky is blue, the weather is lovely and we NC Progressives are beginning to align like the stars in the sky to make some serious noise in the election of our next US Senator.

By saying our NEXT US Sentor, I'm going out on a limb and saying to you, BlueNC, that we can and will be the driving factor behind that simple statement. Well, actually I'm not going out on much of a limb. More like, I'm hanging around the thick trunk of the tree and expecting the obvious.

You know who you are and you know what is obvious.

From Gary Robertson at AP:

North Carolina same day Voter Registration

The North Carolina Senate has passed the same day voter registration that will allow state residents to register to vote and cast a ballot immediately before an election. By actually casting their votes to enfranchise voters, the NC Senate members show some actual bi-partisan ability to do what is right for the people of our state. Not that it was very bi-partisan, but four Republicans joined in on agreeing that this is the right thing to do.

According to

US Senate - Who will challenge Liddy?

Now that I'm mostly over my disappointment that Brad Miller will not be challenging Liddy Dole for the US Senate seat from North Carolina in 2008, I'm trying to think of who I can cajole next to run and defeat our do-nothing Senator from Kansas.

I thought I would put it out to all of you here so I could share in your idea's as to who you would like to run against Liddy, and who you think could win.

I would like to see Bev Purdue run, although I'm sure she is going to run for Governor instead.

What are your thoughts?


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