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Bush: His Memoirs to Outline His Difficult Times in Office

For the love of all that is holy, Mr. Bush!

What the hell is it with your run-away ego and your inability to understand that the people of this country, HELL, the people of this world, do not care about what you feel to be YOUR personal crises’ that you’ve faced while in office.

You do realize that the entire population of your country is currently mired in a devastating recession of your making?

Robin Hayes needs to Pay! Liberals Hate Real Americans?

I know this has been covered, but I wanted to run it up the flag pole one more time....

I am absolutely disgusted and tired of being called an America hater because my politics don't lean in the direction of the mud dwelling neanderthal Republican ideal of a Constitution-less and lock-step walking America! God dammit, I am a real American, Robin Hayes, and so are the people here at Blue NC!

North Carolina Early Voting

Early voting in North Carolina has begun! From the reports on the ground it looks as though the turn out is pretty high for the first day of early voting here in The Old North State. What is on the voters minds, you wonder? Religion, guns, winning in Iraq, or the old standby of a womans right to choose? Not this year, my friends.

It's the Economy, stupid...


GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Hundreds of voters stood in to cast ballots Thursday as the first day of early voting began in North Carolina, a move designed to ease the expected Election Day strain on polling places.

The line wrapped around the Guilford County Courthouse in downtown Greensboro.

Invocation at Palin's Greenville NC rally: God - Close their mouths

The invocation at the Sarah Palin rally in Greenville this evening called on God to close the mouths of Democrats who are “lying” about GOP presidential nominee John McCain and Palin, the Raleigh News & Observer's Barb Barrett says.

It was led by a local pastor, Rev. Walter Leake, who prayed: “Father, you said the truth will set us free. We know the truth is out there, and the truth is that the other side is lying, unbelievably lying. ... God, we ask you to close their mouths.

Stay classy, Republicans! We wouldn't want you to say anything that might raise the ire of Democratic Voters in a swing state like My North Carolina any more than you already have!

This also from the same rally:

Is the sun setting on the United States?

Those Brits are at it again! Over at teh BBC, they are asking if the United States with all of our financial difficulties of late are losing our status as a world superpower. Now, of course you know that only someone from a "foreign" place could ask this question. If anyone FROM the United States of America asked this very pertinent question, why that person would be an America Hater. Someone that hates the troops. Perhaps someone that would like to see the socialization of the financial industries in this country (oh, you say Bush and Co. already are working on that deal)?

From BBC:

Democrats cry Uncle on Drilling

Well, those bad old Republicans have held the Democratic Majority in the House and Senates feet to the fire and have them cowering in the corner once again!

The Spineless Party has agreed to allow the ban on offshore drilling to expire next week, opening up the ability for those bastions of good old American profiteering to go forth and make profit.

Damn the torpedos, boys, full drilling speed ahead!


From The Raleigh News and Observer / AP:

[ Dems Cave Again]


Forty-seven MILLION Americans currently have absolutely NO health insurance coverage. Of that forty-seven Million Americans, two-thirds of those without health insurance are poor or near poor, and there are clear disparities in how different racial and ethnic groups are affected. Only 13 percent of non-Hispanic white Americans is uninsured, compared with 36 percent of Hispanics, 33 percent of Native Americans, 22 percent of blacks and 17 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders.

Harry Taylor Live Blog Tonight @ 6:00 PM -

In just a couple hours Harry Taylor, candidate for NC-09 will be joining the group for a live blog at Harry Taylor was one of the first endorsed candidates by the bloggers of EENR and we're excited to have a conversation with hopefully the soon to be Congressman Taylor! I know that Harry has live blogged with us here at BlueNC, and I wanted to give you all the opportunity to ask any follow up questions you might have for Harry, or to just enjoy his unique wit.

If you want to join us, please accept this invitation to drop by and by all means get ready to ask Harry any questions you might have.


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