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Right Wing Radio Host Sued by former Raleigh Mayor for alleging he is teh GAY!

Homophobes unite!

The kiss of death in the Republican Party isn't raising taxes anymore. This kiss of political death is someone alleging that you are GAY!

Former Raleigh Mayor, Tom Fetzer, who is in the running for NC Republican Leader is suing Wilmington Wingnut radio host Curtis Wright for forwarding an e-mail to some Republican leaders that contained an anonymous letter that said Fetzer was teh GAY! Fetzer, of course, recogonizing this as the worst possible thing in the entire world that could be said of him shot back with an e-mail to his supporters saying not only was he NOT teh GAY, but that he also planned to sue Wright for alleging he was.

From the N&O

Tom Fetzer, Raleigh's former mayor, filed a libel lawsuit against a Wilmington radio host this week for distributing an anonymous letter insinuating that Fetzer is gay.

Patrick McHenry has doubts about the Permanent Republican Majority

TIME has a very unappealing (if you are Republican) article available that is damning to the right wing of American politics while still being overtly fair to the Party of Greed.

We all have read about the utter failure of the listening tour of NCNA (National Council for New America) and metrosexual host Eric Cantor's pizza party with friends Jeb Boy, and all those other non-intresting Republicans.

Dayum! They all got their asses handed to them by their Boss, Limpbaugh. Then they decide that it isn't a listening tour. It's a teaching tour, via Boss Limpy. Then they say...oh the hell with it. Let's let Patty tell us what they really feel. Today. This minute. Until Rush sez it isn't what they feel.

Patty sez:

Hagan does not follow ConservaDems on proposal to cut estate taxes

By not joining with other moderate to conservative Democratic Senators that voted for an amendmentment to cut estate taxes for the very rich, North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan was not on the list of ten Democratic Senators that voted to greatly cut estate taxes in the future. A $250 billion dollar amendment introduced by Senators Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and Jon Kyl (Party of Greed-AZ) was passed today by a vote of 51-48 in the US Senate.

The ten Democratic Senators that voted for the amendment:

Baucus (D-MT), Bayh (D-IN), Cantwell (D-WA), Landrieu (D-LA), Lincoln (D-AR), Murray (D-WA), Nelson (D-FL), Nelson (D-NE), Pryor (D-AR), Tester (D-MT)

Way to go, Kay! I'm truly sorry this POS legislation was passed in order to make sure Sam Walton's progeny wouldn't have to send more of their inheritance to the money grubbing government, but I'm very happy that OUR Senator Hagan did not agree with this obvious mistake of an amendment.

Richard Burr - Weekly Out of Toucher's Address (Feb. 28)

Another bad week for Republicans, and as usual, they didn't notice once again. Our less than esteemed Republican Senator, Richard Burr (R - Out of Touch) was given the opportunity to give the Republican Weekly Address to the Nation on Saturday, February 28 and as usual, he and his merry band of deniers have yet to learn a damned thing about what the American people want and need from their Congressional Representatives.

Richard Burr continues his Anti-American Worker Campaign

The good news?

Hilda Solis, President Obama's nominee for Labor Secratary has finally, after 66 days of Republican obstruction, been confirmed by the Senate for this position on a vote of 80 -17.

The bad news?

The Republicans in the Senate tried their very best to hold up this nomination due to questions about her ties to a tax-exempt group (American Rights at Work) that promotes unionization that might pose a conflict of interest regarding her nomination.
There was also a weak attempt to go down the "back taxes owed" by her husband on a business he owned in California.

In the end, the wrong party of the Right could not make anything stick and were in the majority when voting for Hilda Solis. However, one of the 17 dissenters was a notorious Labor hater by the name of Richard Burr. Senator Burr of our lovely state of North Carolina has been in the news recently opposing workers rights in what his fringe groupies have labeled "The Card Check bill."

Really Gov. Sanford? Most Americans are Fringe

The incredible idiocy of Right Wing Republican politicians attempts to score political points by throwing the bodies of their constituants under 18 Wheelers rolling down Interstate 95 through Governor Mark Sanford's state and towards Governor Bobby Jindal's state is somehow expected.

You see, Republicans have decided to toe the line that says "We don't care about anything other than Politics here in 2009. Our vision is short-sighted and myopic, our popularity is in the shitter, but our basic values of not caring one goddamned iota about our constituants is in full evidence. Not to mention, we actually think that this is a WINNING formula going forward.

Let's explore the insanity.

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina has a message for the American people. The majority of you are the "Fringe" crazies of America.

Interview With the Vampires

The young reporter sat his tape recorder on the table in front of him. He had several extra tapes, just in case, and his fresh notepad and two new ballpoint pens were at the ready in case he wanted a first person reminder if something really juicy was stated. The hotel room was nice, if not elegant. It was off the beaten path for sure, but still a mini-suite with some decent luxuries. The gratis bottled water in the ‘fridge was a nice touch.


Uh Oh! I'm going to have to deal harshly with the King of Mud Sling, Karl Rove himself.

You see, these simple little discussions that Rove and Cheney and Bush and (enter your favorite Neo-Con here) are holding, while on their "Bush Legacy Tour: He Was Really Good At Keeping America Safe" really need to be refuted. Immediately. Harshly.

So, BushCo kept the USA safe? Well, except for that 9/11 thingy. Oh and that anthrax thingy. Oh, the disruption of cash flow into the average American citizens bank account. Um, there was also that spying on Americans thing. With a topping of torturing people.

I could go on, but you get the picture, right? RIGHT?


North Carolina. It is our home, and it is growing.

It is growing to be many people's homes. Our North Carolina, with its sirens call of mountains, rich farmland, coastal brilliance, beach bum laid back days and Charlotte Uptown nightlife; NC is now the recepient of more new occupants of any state east of the Mississipi.

Sure. We who live here know why. Obviously, we are NOT keeping it a secret. ;-)

From the Atlanta Constitution-Journal

North Carolina has edged ahead of Georgia as the growth leader east of the Mississippi, according to figures released Monday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

“For the past two years, and especially the past year, North Carolina has grown faster,” said Greg Harper, a demographer with the Census Bureau.

Medfusion - Will this online service assist Doctors and Patients in NC in a positive way?

There is a possibility that the services agreed upon today by Medfusion and the North Carolina Medical Society could be quite an upgrade to what we are all used to currently when making medical appointments, accessing our medical records, checking on medical tests, etc.

Then again, a slight paranoia creeps in when I think about all of this information kept in a database somewhere that could possibly be hacked, or at least the information could be secreted out to entities that I might prefer did not have access to my personal information.

From WSJ:


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